sql-query-browser-for-elasticsearch is a web based query tool for querying Elasticsearch using standard SQL syntax.
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Sql Query Browser for Elasticsearch (Under development)

sql-query-browser-for-elasticsearch is a web based query tool for querying Elasticsearch using standard SQL syntax.


Browser-Based UI Sql Query Browser is entirely browser-based and securely connects to your data from anywhere in the world—with nothing to install on your system.

Running Sql Query Browser for Elasticsearch locally

git clone https://github.com/roshantitus/sql-query-browser-for-elasticsearch.git
mvn jetty:run

You can then access the sql query browser here: http://localhost:8080/query-tool/

In case you find a bug/suggested improvement for Sql Query Browser for Elasticsearch

Our issue tracker is available here:


Working with Query Browser for Elasticsearch in Eclipse/STS

Pre requisites:

The following items should be installed in your system:

Note: when m2e is available, there is an m2 icon in Help -> About dialog. If m2e is not there, just follow the install process here: http://eclipse.org/m2e/download/


  1. In the command line
git clone https://github.com/roshantitus/sql-query-browser-for-elasticsearch.git
  1. Inside Eclipse
File -> Import -> Maven -> Existing Maven project

Interaction with other open source projects

The project uses JSqlParser as the undelying SQL parser. JSqlParser parses an SQL statement and translate it into a hierarchy of Java classes. The generated hierarchy is navigated using Visitor Pattern to generate Elasticsearch specific queries.

SQL Usuage

  • Select Query with all fields included

      SELECT * FROM post
  • Select Query with Projection (field selection)

      SELECT user,title,body FROM post


  • SQL Select with Projection
  • SQL Select with Selection using WHERE clause(not implemented)
  • SQL Select with avg(not implemented)
  • SQL Select with count(not implemented)
  • SQL Select with last(not implemented)
  • SQL Select with max(not implemented)
  • SQL Select with min(not implemented)
  • SQL Select with sum(not implemented)
  • SQL Select with Group By(not implemented)
  • SQL Select with Order By(not implemented)