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Adds a component.json file so rosie can be installed with the bower package manager.

bower register rosie git://


Nice. I've never used Bower, but I should probably try it out.


So, I'm thing I'm curious about is how you're supposed to manage versions. If component.json has version 0.1.1, and I make several commits over a few weeks in pursuit of 0.2, and bower pulls straight from GitHub, then it seems like 0.1.1 means different things depending on when you try to grab it.


My understanding is that it will use semver-formatted git tags to install particular versions or to pick a version within a range. But, from what I've seen, it's pretty specific about the format of the tag name. For example, "0.1.1" will work, but "v0.1.1" will not. If there are no semver tags, it will pull directly from master. Even the component.json file is optional, but I think it's nice to trim down the number of files that are installed.

It seems like they're making it extremely easy to add projects to the repo at the expense of having clean packages or reliable versioning. It's up to each project to provide versions and to filter out extraneous development files.

@bkeepers bkeepers merged commit 8b5c472 into rosiejs:master Feb 13, 2013
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