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Python classes to access SG_IO scsi devices
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python-scsi is a SCSI initiator for python. It contains python classes to create and send SCSI commands to devices accessible via:

These classes also provide interfaces to marshall/unmarshall both CDBs as well as DATA-IN/OUT buffers.


Python-scsi is distributed under LGPLv2.1 Please see the LICENSE file for the full license text.

Getting the sources

The module is hosted at

You can use git to checkout the latest version of the source code using:

$ git clone

It is also available as a downloadable zip archive from: 

Building and installing

This module depends on libiscsi and SWIG libraries. You must first install these libraries before you can build this module. In debian families, you can install these dependencies via:

$ apt install swig libiscsi-dev

Building the module:

$ python build

Installing the module:

$ python install

Unit testing

The tests directory contain unit tests for python-scsi. To run the tests:

$ cd tests $ make

Tools (examples)

The tools directory contains example programs written against the python-scsi API.

An example tool to send INQUIRY commands to a device.

An example tool to operate a SCSI media changer. Similar to, but not as advanced as, the 'mtx' utility.


A mailinglist for python-scsi is available at:!forum/python-scsi

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