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Amiga distribution of the SmartEiffel GNU Eiffel compiler including additional goodies and Amiga related libraries
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SmallEiffel obviously fits Amiga

Sofa is the Amiga distribution of SmallEiffel, the GNU Eiffel compiler. It also includes some goodies like the Gobo data structures library, parser generator tools and Amiga-related libraries for ARexx, argument parsing and pattern matching.


To obtain the most current binary release for AmigaOS Classic, visit <>.

About Eiffel

Eiffel is an advanced, yet simple and easy to learn, object-oriented programming language that emphasizes the design and construction of high-quality and reusable software. Interfaces to other languages such as ARexx, C and C++ are supported.

About this repository

This repository preserves all Sofa versions released over time for historic purposes. The tagged versions include the Amiga binaries shipped back then, the head version contains the source code only.

While Sofa is no longer actively maintained, many of the tools included kept moving on for years to come. To obtain their current versions, visit:


All of the material included herein is covered under some Open Source licence. Usually it is either the Eiffel Forum License, the GNU General Public License or the Mozilla Public License. Refer to the manual of the respective tool or library for details.

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