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Latest commit 0435338 depp0n reduced code complexity
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Distribution Documentation for new log file format.
OSCam.xcodeproj added some files to xcode project
algo dynamic-threads: resync with trunk
cmake/Modules Some fixes for problems that was introduced with r6146
cscrypt dynamic-threads: resync with trunk
csctapi coolstream: apply patch by depp0n from here: http://streamboard.gmc.t…
cygwin No commit message
toolchains Documentation update for 'httpdyndns'.
utils dynamic-threads: resync with trunk
.gitignore dynamic-threads: resync with trunk
CMakeLists.txt CMakeLists.txt with LCDSUPPORT Parameter
LICENCE Licence file for GPL v3 added and readme updated. According to dukat,…
Makefile Added trunk-patch from ticket #2286 thx to sergay!
Maketype added cashex-receive for CSP enable with oscam.conf [csp] port=XYZ and
README Happy new Year ;)
VERSION Checked README. fix #2391 , also remove module_cccshare from
global-functions.h dvbapi/loadbalancer/pidhndling: removed ecmpid from lb, extracting subid
globals.h dvbapi/loadbalancer/pidhndling: removed ecmpid from lb, extracting subid
module-camd33.c fix camd33 compile error
module-camd35.c 1. fixed lost loadbalancer answer
module-cccam.c dvbapi: tryfix: reopen other caids on fail
module-cccam.h cccam: reverted cleanup from r6483
module-cccshare.h fixed cccam
module-constcw.c Cleanup of compilation options:
module-coolapi.c debug improvement / better code formatting / coolstream related changes
module-coolapi.h Improvements for preferlocalcard + typo fix -> patch from depp0n
module-csp.c fixed csp hashcode generation. Thx to bowman!
module-datastruct-llist.c fixed a segfault, fixed some double-reader requests
module-datastruct-llist.h fixed a memleak. fixed a possible segfault
module-dvbapi.c reduced code complexity
module-dvbapi.h Coolstream DVBApi improvements regarding recording/timeshift/zapping
module-gbox.c Show better error messages when starting a thread fails.
module-lcd.c correct all time((time_t)0) calls, no consequences for binary
module-monitor.c cacheex reloaded: fixed some bugs...but uncomplete. work is in progress!
module-newcamd.c added loginfo: reason for tcp_close
module-pandora.c Readers: Enable TCP_NODELAY. Set outgoing ip to serverip defined in g…
module-radegast.c fix for radegast connections, authenticated and anonymous are now wor…
module-serial.c Show better error messages when starting a thread fails.
module-stat.c loadbalancer: betatunnel fixed
oscam-ac.c remove anticascader thread
oscam-chk.c fix for cards where oscam can't detect provid, e.g. 4AE1
oscam-config.c JSON Api:
oscam-config.h fix #2391 , also remove module_cccshare from
oscam-garbage.c fixed a memleak. fixed a possible segfault
oscam-http-helpers.c Add missing semicolon ;)
oscam-http.c dvbapi/loadbalancer/pidhndling: removed ecmpid from lb, extracting subid
oscam-http.h JSON Api:
oscam-log.c Disable log into webif loghistory on oscam exit as it leads to memory…
oscam-reader.c dvbapi/loadbalancer/pidhndling: removed ecmpid from lb, extracting subid
oscam-simples.c WebIf: try fix Ticket #2466 (Build error with IPV6SUPPORT)
oscam-types.h dynamic-threads: resync with trunk. please help testing this branch.
oscam.c dvbapi/loadbalancer/pidhndling: removed ecmpid from lb, extracting subid
reader-common.c SC8in1:
reader-common.h Cleanup of ATR handling
reader-conax.c Cleanup of compilation options:
reader-cryptoworks.c Fix month of entitlements for conax/cryptoworks.
reader-dre.c Cleanup of compilation options:
reader-irdeto.c datefix for caiway irdeto card caid 0606, acs: 6.06
reader-nagra.c Cleanup of compilation options:
reader-tongfang.c Cleanup of compilation options:
reader-viaccess.c tryfix: loop/ 100% cpu
reader-videoguard-common.c reader-videoguard-common - added patch by -=Robby=- for correct G02/G…
reader-videoguard-common.h dynamic-threads: resync with trunk. please help testing this branch.
reader-videoguard1.c Cleanup of compilation options:
reader-videoguard12.c Cleanup of compilation options:
reader-videoguard2.c * speed up for nds fastmode reset


                             OSCam: Open Source CAM

1. Compiling OSCam from source

1. Get the lastest sources from SVN
      svn co oscam-trunk

2. Create folders:
      cd oscam-trunk
      mkdir build
      cd build

3. Look for compile options in oscam-config.h.
   Enable features with make:
      NAME_OF_FEATURE     - enable feature

   Enable features with cmake:
      -DNAME_OF_FEATURE=1 - enable feature

   Use to enable/disable features.

   If you use cmake you may use the interface to change build parameters
      ccmake ..

   or specify them on the command line like this:
      cmake -DCS_CONFDIR=/where/is/config/files -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/where/to/installed ..

4. Build:

5. Install:
      make install

2. Build with a different toolchain (cross-compilation)
In short, you need to define the toolchain file on the command line, for 

      cmake -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=../toolchains/toolchain-powerpc-tuxbox.cmake ..

For current toolchains and more detailed instructions see

3. Licence
OSCam: Open Source CAM
Copyright (C) 2009-2012 OSCam developers
Based on Streamboard mp-cardserver v0.9d - (w) 2004-2007 by dukat

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program.  If not, see <>.

4. Copyright
OSCam is based on the Streamboard mp-cardserver 0.9d by dukat and has 
been extended and worked on by many more since then.
You are free to use it under the terms of the GNU General Public 
License, as described in the LICENSE file.

5. Version History
See the file VERSION which should come with your distribution for details.

You may also have a look at the Trac timeline
for more detailed and up-to-date changes.

6. Web Links
svn repository:
svn co oscam-svn

mirror svn:
svn co oscam-mirror

Build server for automated builds:

Configuration wiki:

7. Help and Support
If you experience any problems with OSCam, feel free to post in our support 
forum under (mainly German and English language)

Support for international (mainly French and Italian language) users can be 
found on

You may also visit our Trac system for tracking and filing bug reports:
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