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Free Gatsby Starter, Dimension Design (By HTML5 Up)
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Gatsby Starter - Dimension Design

A Quick Way to bootstrap your next Gatsby app. Provided by


Demo 💯

Features 🚀

This is a simplified Gatsby app based on Dimension design (by HTML5 UP)

How to use it? 👨‍💻

You need npm and Gatsby CLI installed on your development machine.

Clone the repository/Installation

If you have Git installed on your system you can run the following command:

git clone

Otherwise you can directly download it clicking on download button on this repository.

Running in development mode

Go inside starter-gatsbyjs-dimension/ directory and run the following command:

  • npm install to install modules or yarn (recommended)
  • gatsby develop to start the development (live browser update)
  • gatsby build generate the deplyment in public directory
  • npm run deploy deploy your app via FTP EDIT deploy.js (config section)

Open the source code and start editing!

The site is now running at http://localhost:8000.

Open starter-gatsbyjs-dimension/ directory in your code editor of choice and edit it. Save your changes and the changes will be reflected in the browser without manual refresh!

Configure FTP deployment

Edit deploy.js file:

var config = {
    user: "YOUR_USER_HERE",                   // NOTE that this was username in 1.x 
    password: "YOUR_PASS_HERE",           // optional, prompted if none given
    port: 21,
    localRoot: __dirname + '/public',
    remoteRoot: '/',
    include: ['*', '**/*'],      // this would upload everything except dot files
    //include: ['*.php', 'dist/*'],
    exclude: ['dist/**/*.map'],     // e.g. exclude sourcemaps - ** exclude: [] if nothing to exclude **
    deleteRemote: false,              // delete ALL existing files at destination before uploading, if true
    forcePasv: false                 // Passive mode is forced (EPSV command is not sent)

Need More starters?


Live support on Discord and Facebook.

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