Seamless splash video support for iOS (iPhone and iPad)
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XOSplash is a simple to use controller implementing seamless splash image and video on iPhone and iPad. You'll find it useful when you want to use both a splash image and video on application launch. Alternatively you can just play a video and not use a splash image, but using that approach you launch with a black screen and it can be up to a couple seconds before your users see things kick off.

With the approach provided by XOSplash your branding image will immediately appear and the video will begin to play as quickly as possible thereafter.

This can be especially useful when you'd like to show a splash/intro video on the first launch and would prefer to stick to a simple splash image on subsequent launches.


This code is a work-in-progress and is provided as-is. Please see the LICENSE file for more information.


This whole repo is a simple example. To use in your own project import XOSplashVideoController.[hm] and adapt the code in XOAppDelegate.m to your needs.

More detailed information available at: