A django-debug-toolbar panel for memcached debugging information (memcache and pylibmc supported)
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Memcache Debug Toolbar

The Memcache Debug Toolbar is an add-on for Django Debug Toolbar for tracking memcached usage. It currently supports both the pylibmc and memcache libraries.

This is definitely beta software, but I've found it useful in work and personal projects. Feedback welcome, patches appreciated. - Ross McFarland


  1. Install and configure Django Debug Toolbar.

  2. Add the memcache_toolbar app to your INSTALLED_APPS.

  3. Import the panel corresponding to the library you're using.

    The following must be imported in your settings.py file so that it has a chance to replace the caching library with one capable of tracking. You'll probably want to import it in local_settings.py (if you use the pattern) or at least wrap the import line in if DEBUG:

    For memcache:

    import memcache_toolbar.panels.memcache

    For pylibmc:

    import memcache_toolbar.panels.pylibmc


  1. Add the memcache or pylibmc panel to DEBUG_TOOLBAR_PANELS.

    You'll need to add the panel corresponding to the library you'll be using to the list of debug toolbar's panels in the order in which you'd like it to appear:

        # if you use pylibmc you'd include its panel instead
        # 'memcache_toolbar.panels.pylibmc.PylibmcPanel',