Proper bindings for DBUS.
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Node.js bindings for libdbus. There are no dependencies on glib.

	//Get the dbus module
	dbus = require('dbus'), 
	//Use the system bus with Avahi namespace
	bus = dbus.system('org.freedesktop.Avahi'), 
	//Get the root object and access its server interface
	root = dbus.object('/').as('org.freedesktop.Avahi.Server'); 

//Wait till the root object is ready for operation as the DBus introspection
//system will automatically populate all the methods of the root object
root.on("ready", function() {
	//Call the serviceBrowserNew method as defined by the Avahi specification; all functions have
	//their first letter lowercased and one additional parameter, the callback, added.
	//interface, protocol, type, domain, flags
	root.serviceBrowserNew(-1, -1, "_ssh._tcp", "", 0, function(err, browser) {
		if (err)
			throw new Error('Unable to make service browser: '+err);
		//Now we have a service browser object; all objects are automatically converted into
		//DBUSObject behind the scenes, so we just need to specify the interface of the object
		//we wish to access
		browser ='org.freedesktop.Avahi.ServiceBrowser');

		//Signals to objects are emitted as events. You do NOT need to wait on the "ready" event
		//to register event handlers. Event names also, likewise, have their first letter lowercased
		//to match JavaScript convention
		browser.on("itemNew", function(interface, protocol, name, type, domain, flags) {
			console.log("Found new service! "+name)