An app for interfacing with Mosso's CloudFiles service.
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The Rackspace Cloud (previously Mosso) offers a file storage service called
CloudFiles. Bundled with CloudFiles is the option to make your files publicly
available over Limelight's CDN.

This app adds a command (publish_cloudfiles) to Django's script. The
new command publishes all of your media files to your CloudFiles account.


Working alpha. Needs to be beat up. Needs testing on Windows.

NOTE: No investigation has been made into whether or not this will continue to
      work after RackSpace moves from Limelight to Akami:


1. Download the CloudFiles Python API (project developed against 1.3.0):

2. Extract the API and put the contained folder cloudfiles/ in your PYTHONPATH.

3. Put django_cloudfiles/ in your PYTHONPATH.

4. Add django_cloudfiles to your INSTALLED_APPS

5. Configure some settings in your settings file (these are optional; they can
   be passed on the commad line to instead of coded in

    * CLOUDFILES_USERNAME - your Mosso username used for accessing CloudFiles
    * CLOUDFILES_API_KEY - your Mosso API key used for accessing CloudFiles
    * CLOUDFILES_CONTAINER - the container to upload files to
    * MEDIA_ROOT - where the command should upload from

6. (optional) If you use the CDN feature of CloudFiles, set your MEDIA_URL
   to be the public URI of your container. NOTE: It's useful to override this
   in a file if you develop offline locally.


python help publish_cloudfiles