Use a custom Django template for 401 errors (when PermissionDenied is raised).
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When you raise a PermissionDenied exception in a view, Django returns a pretty
ugly 401 error page. Wouldn't it be great if we could customize that page?


1) Put custom_401 in your PYTHONPATH.

2) Put Custom401Middleware in your settings file:


3) Optional: customize the default template location in custom_401/

4) Create a template to use when PermissionDenied is raised and put it in the
   location specified in custom_401/ The template by default will
   receive the exception in its context as EXCEPTION, as well as a
   standard RequestContext (fork if you need more/less context).

Note on 401

It's debatable whether or not a 401 Unauthorized error is the correct HTTP
response to use when raising a PermissionDenied exception [1]. If you're a
stickler for that kind of stuff, feel free to fork this project and modify
the HTTP response to be a 403, or whatever you feel is more appropriate [2].