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Habhub tracker

mobile tracker screenshot

A webapp for tracking high altitude balloons. Works an desktop and mobile devices. The habhub tracker is a continuation of

Checkout the Live version


  • HAB tracking with Habitat (@github/ukhas/habitat)
  • Telemetry graph for each balloon
  • Chase Car functionality
  • Near realtime weather overlays
  • Daylight cycle overlay, for long flights
  • Available to embed on any website
  • Map tracker with Google Maps API 3
  • Run the app natively on iOS or with Chrome's 'add to screen' on Android

Geo position

Available only on mobile devices.

The app will ask for permission to use your location. This is required for some of the features. It is important to note that your location will not be made available or send to anyone. Unless, you enable the chase car mode, which will periodically upload it to habitat. The app will always start with chase car mode disabled.

Offline storage

The app will ask to use offline storage. You will need to accept, in order to use the offline capabilities. The app will cache all files making it available even when there is no network coverage. Latest position data will also be stored and used when you start up with no network. When you get back online, the app will fetch the latest position data.

Browser requirements

Any modern browser should be able to run the app. Including the latest version of IE. This is also true for mobile, some build-in browsers may not work.


Don't hesitate to report any issues, or suggest improvements. Just visit the issues page. Pull requests are welcome.


Requirements: Java and (Linux or Cygwin environment)

$ git clone git://
$ ./

For applicationCache to work your server needs to send the correct MIME type. .htaccess for Apache is included. Consult it if you are using different server software.

Original design

Author: Daniel Saul @danielsaul

See concept for phone portrait mode See concept for tablets