Doing the roman numerals kata in Kotlin
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Roman Numerals Kata in Kotlin

Performing the Roman Numerals Kata in Kotlin.

Interesting Notes

To get a parameterized JUnit4 test working in Kotlin I had to do the following:

  • annotate the Kotlin test class with @RunWith(Parameterized::class)
  • place the @Parameterized.Parameters function within a companion object in the test class
  • annotate the @Parameterized.@Parameters function with the @JvmStatic annotation — as Kotlin doesn't have static functions, this allows Java code to call this Kotlin as if it were a static (
  • Use Kotlin's Any in place of Java's Object


class KotlinTest(val paramOne: Int, val paramTwo: String) {
    companion object {
        fun data() : Collection<Array<Any>> {
            return listOf(
                    arrayOf(1, "I"),         // First test:  (paramOne = 1, paramTwo = "I")
                    arrayOf(1999, "MCMXCIX") // Second test: (paramOne = 1999, paramTwo = "MCMXCIX")

    fun shouldReturnExpectedRomanForArabic() {
        assertThat(RomanNumeralGenerator().arabicToRoman(paramOne), equalTo(paramTwo));

This is equivalent to the Java JUnit4 test:

public class JavaTest {
    private final int paramOne;
    private final String paramTwo;

    public static List<Object[]> data() {
        return Arrays.asList(new Object[][] {
                {1, "I"},         // First test:  (paramOne = 1, paramTwo = "I")
                {1999, "MCMXCIX"} // Second test: (paramOne = 1999, paramTwo = "MCMXCIX")

    public JavaTest(int paramOne, String paramTwo) {
        this.paramOne = paramOne;
        this.paramTwo = paramTwo;

    public void shouldReturnExpectedRomanForArabic() {
        assertThat(new RomanNumeralGenerator().arabicToRoman(paramOne), equalTo(paramTwo));

Obviously we'd use better names than paramOne and paramTwo!