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@@ -52,5 +52,8 @@ quotes = [
"(jb) Booth Says: 'Spiff Up A Turd' - When someone tries to dress up something that sucks.",
"(jb) Booth Says: 'We rented the room and no-one showed up to the party' - You paid for a service but didn't see the return.",
"(jb) Booth Says: 'We need to focus on the sniper in the bush 5 ft away, vs. the sniper 20 ft away' - Used to reference how to prioritize tasks.",
- "(jb) Booth Says: 'Midnight Jizzums'"
- ]
+ "(jb) Booth Says: 'Midnight Jizzums'",
+ "(jb) Booth Says: 'Give a shit factor' - When you want a company or person to actually care about something",
+ "(jb) Booth Says: 'Shit the bed' - When someone screws something up badly",
+ "(jb) Booth Says: 'Whacked on the pee pee' - When you get in trouble for doing something."
+ ]

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