Passing Streams to Rackit results in 422 Error #11

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dtonys commented Mar 19, 2013

The example works for the Nodejs img url specified in the example, but seems to fail for every other img url I tried, including Tumblr and Google images.

The 422 error is not particularly helpful in diagnosing the problem.

I am using the exact example listed for 'passing a stream', and just replacing the URLs. Ran into 422 error for every image url I tried.

rossj commented Mar 19, 2013

Hey there, I'm seeing the same thing depending on the image source. The problem is due to the etag header being forwarded from the client response to the Cloud Files request. Cloud Files expects an MD5 etag, but the response could be sending a different hash type. I will have a patch up soon.

Thanks for bringing this to light.

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dtonys commented Apr 17, 2013

Still getting 422 error. Updated rackit via 'npm install rackit', let me know if this is not the correct way to update to the latest version. I assume that npm install is pulling from this github.

My result is 422 for image:

http.get('', function(res){
      rackit.add(res, function(err, cloudpath){
            //error fires here
            console.log('Rackspace url stream error: ' + err);

Let me know if you are getting this result or if I am doing something wrong.

Current workaround is to download the file to a tmp dir and upload it from there.

rossj commented Apr 17, 2013

I tried this out with your problem image and it worked. Please check that you are using rackit version 0.1.0. If you run npm list it should tell you the current version of all the npm packages installed in your directory.

dtonys commented Apr 17, 2013

Thanks for the tip, my package.json had the old version specified, so updating this solved the issue.

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