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"""Compare VTODOs and VEVENTs in two iCalendar sources."""
from base import Component, getBehavior, newFromBehavior
def getSortKey(component):
def getUID(component):
return component.getChildValue('uid', '')
# it's not quite as simple as getUID, need to account for recurrenceID and
# sequence
def getSequence(component):
sequence = component.getChildValue('sequence', 0)
return "%05d" % int(sequence)
def getRecurrenceID(component):
recurrence_id = component.getChildValue('recurrence_id', None)
if recurrence_id is None:
return '0000-00-00'
return recurrence_id.isoformat()
return getUID(component) + getSequence(component) + getRecurrenceID(component)
def sortByUID(components):
return sorted(components, key=getSortKey)
def deleteExtraneous(component, ignore_dtstamp=False):
Recursively walk the component's children, deleting extraneous details like
for comp in component.components():
deleteExtraneous(comp, ignore_dtstamp)
for line in component.lines():
if line.params.has_key('X-VOBJ-ORIGINAL-TZID'):
del line.params['X-VOBJ-ORIGINAL-TZID']
if ignore_dtstamp and hasattr(component, 'dtstamp_list'):
del component.dtstamp_list
def diff(left, right):
Take two VCALENDAR components, compare VEVENTs and VTODOs in them,
return a list of object pairs containing just UID and the bits
that didn't match, using None for objects that weren't present in one
version or the other.
When there are multiple ContentLines in one VEVENT, for instance many
DESCRIPTION lines, such lines original order is assumed to be
meaningful. Order is also preserved when comparing (the unlikely case
of) multiple parameters of the same type in a ContentLine
def processComponentLists(leftList, rightList):
output = []
rightIndex = 0
rightListSize = len(rightList)
for comp in leftList:
if rightIndex >= rightListSize:
output.append((comp, None))
leftKey = getSortKey(comp)
rightComp = rightList[rightIndex]
rightKey = getSortKey(rightComp)
while leftKey > rightKey:
output.append((None, rightComp))
rightIndex += 1
if rightIndex >= rightListSize:
output.append((comp, None))
rightComp = rightList[rightIndex]
rightKey = getSortKey(rightComp)
if leftKey < rightKey:
output.append((comp, None))
elif leftKey == rightKey:
rightIndex += 1
matchResult = processComponentPair(comp, rightComp)
if matchResult is not None:
return output
def newComponent(name, body):
if body is None:
return None
c = Component(name)
c.behavior = getBehavior(name)
c.isNative = True
return c
def processComponentPair(leftComp, rightComp):
Return None if a match, or a pair of components including UIDs and
any differing children.
leftChildKeys = leftComp.contents.keys()
rightChildKeys = rightComp.contents.keys()
differentContentLines = []
differentComponents = {}
for key in leftChildKeys:
rightList = rightComp.contents.get(key, [])
if isinstance(leftComp.contents[key][0], Component):
compDifference = processComponentLists(leftComp.contents[key],
if len(compDifference) > 0:
differentComponents[key] = compDifference
elif leftComp.contents[key] != rightList:
for key in rightChildKeys:
if key not in leftChildKeys:
if isinstance(rightComp.contents[key][0], Component):
differentComponents[key] = ([], rightComp.contents[key])
differentContentLines.append(([], rightComp.contents[key]))
if len(differentContentLines) == 0 and len(differentComponents) == 0:
return None
left = newFromBehavior(
right = newFromBehavior(
# add a UID, if one existed, despite the fact that they'll always be
# the same
uid = leftComp.getChildValue('uid')
if uid is not None:
left.add( 'uid').value = uid
right.add('uid').value = uid
for name, childPairList in differentComponents.iteritems():
leftComponents, rightComponents = zip(*childPairList)
if len(leftComponents) > 0:
# filter out None
left.contents[name] = filter(None, leftComponents)
if len(rightComponents) > 0:
# filter out None
right.contents[name] = filter(None, rightComponents)
for leftChildLine, rightChildLine in differentContentLines:
nonEmpty = leftChildLine or rightChildLine
name = nonEmpty[0].name
if leftChildLine is not None:
left.contents[name] = leftChildLine
if rightChildLine is not None:
right.contents[name] = rightChildLine
return left, right
vevents = processComponentLists(sortByUID(getattr(left, 'vevent_list', [])),
sortByUID(getattr(right, 'vevent_list', [])))
vtodos = processComponentLists(sortByUID(getattr(left, 'vtodo_list', [])),
sortByUID(getattr(right, 'vtodo_list', [])))
return vevents + vtodos
def prettyDiff(leftObj, rightObj):
for left, right in diff(leftObj, rightObj):
print "<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<"
if left is not None:
print "==============="
if right is not None:
print ">>>>>>>>>>>>>>>"
from optparse import OptionParser
import icalendar, base
import os
import codecs
def main():
options, args = getOptions()
if args:
ignore_dtstamp = options.ignore
ics_file1, ics_file2 = args
cal1 = base.readOne(file(ics_file1))
cal2 = base.readOne(file(ics_file2))
deleteExtraneous(cal1, ignore_dtstamp=ignore_dtstamp)
deleteExtraneous(cal2, ignore_dtstamp=ignore_dtstamp)
prettyDiff(cal1, cal2)
version = "0.1"
def getOptions():
##### Configuration options #####
usage = "usage: %prog [options] ics_file1 ics_file2"
parser = OptionParser(usage=usage, version=version)
parser.set_description("ics_diff will print a comparison of two iCalendar files ")
parser.add_option("-i", "--ignore-dtstamp", dest="ignore", action="store_true",
default=False, help="ignore DTSTAMP lines [default: False]")
(cmdline_options, args) = parser.parse_args()
if len(args) < 2:
print "error: too few arguments given"
print parser.format_help()
return False, False
return cmdline_options, args
if __name__ == "__main__":
except KeyboardInterrupt:
print "Aborted"
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