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# Run a command for a test. If it passes make a ref so that if called again on the same commit report success w/o re-testing.
# Example:
# git test-bisect origin/integrate.. 'make clean && make compile && make test'
# The tree must be really really clean.
if ! git update-index --ignore-submodules --refresh > /dev/null; then
echo >&2 "cannot rebase: you have unstaged changes"
git diff-files --name-status -r --ignore-submodules -- >&2
exit 1
diff=$(git diff-index --cached --name-status -r --ignore-submodules HEAD --)
case "$diff" in
?*) echo >&2 "cannot rebase: your index contains uncommitted changes"
echo >&2 "$diff"
exit 1
start_branch=`git rev-parse --symbolic-full-name HEAD | sed s,refs/heads/,,`
git checkout `git rev-parse HEAD` > /dev/null 2>/dev/null
good=`git rev-list $1 | tail -1`
bad=`git rev-list $1 | head -1`
echo "Bisecting $1 with $2"
git bisect start
git bisect good ${good}
git bisect bad ${bad}
git bisect run git test-once "$2"
git bisect reset
echo "All's well."