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;; marker at 80 chars
;;(require 'column-marker)
;;(column-marker-1 80)
(require 'fill-column-indicator)
(add-hook 'after-change-major-mode-hook 'fci-mode)
(setq-default fill-column 80)
(setq fci-rule-column 80)
(require 'visible-mark)
(add-hook 'after-change-major-mode-hook 'visible-mark-mode)
;; ido makes competing buffers and finding files easier
(require 'ido)
;; more flexible matching
(setq ido-enable-flex-matching t)
(setq ido-file-extensions-order '(".c" ".cpp" ".py" ".java"))
ido-ignore-buffers ;; ignore these guys
'("\\` " "^\*Mess" "^\*Back" ".*Completion" "^\*Ido" "^\*trace"
"^\*compilation" "^\*GTAGS" "^session\.*" "^\*"))
(setq ido-case-fold t) ; be case-insensitive
(setq ido-max-work-file-list 50) ; remember many
(setq ido-enable-last-directory-history t) ; remember last used dirs
(setq ido-max-work-directory-list 50) ; should be enough
(setq ido-work-directory-list '("~/" "~/src"))
(ido-mode 'both) ;; for buffers and files
;; ido-use-filename-at-point nil ; don't use filename at point (annoying)
;; ido-use-url-at-point nil ; don't use url at point (annoying)
(require 'recentf)
;; bind recent file open to F7
(global-set-key (kbd "<f7>") 'ido-recentf-open)
;; enable recent files mode.
(recentf-mode t)
; 50 files ought to be enough.
(setq recentf-max-saved-items 50)
(defun ido-recentf-open ()
"Use `ido-completing-read' to \\[find-file] a recent file"
(if (find-file (ido-completing-read "Find recent file: " recentf-list))
(message "Opening file...")
(message "Aborting")))
(provide 'other)
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