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/* A class representing a single private message. Each message belongs to a
Each message has a sender, a recipient, a date, a boolean variable indicating
whether it is read or not, a subject, a message and a message id.
The object is constructed from a string in the following format:
Each message is a line in a file in db/PMs based on the recipient's username:
class PM
private $sender;
private $recipient;
private $date;
private $read;
private $subject;
private $message;
private $messageId;
public function __construct($str)
$arr = explode("~",$str);
$this->messageId = $arr[0];
$this->sender = $arr[1];
$this->recipient = $arr[2];
$this->date = $arr[3];
$this->read = $arr[4];
$this->subject = $arr[5];
$this->message = $arr[6];
public function getMessageId()
return $this->messageId;
public function getMessage()
return $this->message;
/* Loads a User object of the user who created this message */
public function getSender()
return new User(file_get_contents("db/Users/".$this->sender.".dat"));
public function getRecipient()
return $this->recipient;
public function getDate()
return $this->date;
public function getSubject()
return $this->subject;
public function isRead()
return $this->read;
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