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Installation Instructions
Basic Installation
1. Simply extract the contents of the release to a directory on your web
2. Ensure that the permissions are set correctly so that the "db" directory and
all its contents are readable and writable by the user under which php runs.
3. Open your web browser at the location at which the forum is hosted. The
"install.php" script will run.
4. Enter some details about the administrator account and press "Install".
5. Once done, delete or rename "install.php" and then once again, go to the
location at which the forum is hosted with your web browser. You should see the
main page of the forum. The html of the board may be customized by modifying
outHtml.php and the css by modifying "basic.css".
$ cd /var/www
$ # get the source code
$ tar xvzf floobb-?.?.?.tar.gz # replace ?.?.? by the correct version
$ mv floobb-?.?.? floobb # replace ?.?.? by the correct version
$ chmod a+r+w+x -R floobb/db
$ firefox http://localhost/floobb # and then fill in the details
$ firefox http://localhost/floobb # browse the newly created forum