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# WATCH OUT! This makefile is a work in progress. It is probably missing
# tons of important things. DO NOT RELY ON IT TO BUILD A GOOD LIBEVENT.
# Needed for correctness
CFLAGS=/IWIN32-Code /Iinclude /Icompat /DHAVE_CONFIG_H /I.
# For optimization and warnings
CFLAGS=$(CFLAGS) /Ox /W3 /wd4996 /nologo
# XXXX have a debug mode
CORE_OBJS=event.obj buffer.obj bufferevent.obj bufferevent_sock.obj \
bufferevent_pair.obj listener.obj evmap.obj log.obj evutil.obj \
strlcpy.obj signal.obj bufferevent_filter.obj evthread.obj \
bufferevent_ratelim.obj evutil_rand.obj
WIN_OBJS=win32select.obj evthread_win32.obj buffer_iocp.obj \
event_iocp.obj bufferevent_async.obj
EXTRA_OBJS=event_tagging.obj http.obj evdns.obj evrpc.obj
STATIC_LIBS=libevent_core.lib libevent_extras.lib libevent.lib
all: static_libs tests
static_libs: $(STATIC_LIBS)
libevent_core.lib: $(CORE_OBJS) $(WIN_OBJS)
lib $(LIBFLAGS) $(CORE_OBJS) $(WIN_OBJS) /out:libevent_core.lib
libevent_extras.lib: $(EXTRA_OBJS)
lib $(LIBFLAGS) $(EXTRA_OBJS) /out:libevent_extras.lib
libevent.lib: $(CORE_OBJS) $(WIN_OBJS) $(EXTRA_OBJS)
lib $(LIBFLAGS) $(CORE_OBJS) $(EXTRA_OBJS) $(WIN_OBJS) /out:libevent.lib
del $(ALL_OBJS)
cd test
$(MAKE) /F Makefile.nmake clean
cd test
$(MAKE) /F Makefile.nmake
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