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-Changes in version 2.0.10 (?? Dec 2010)
- [Not yet released; see Git log for more info]
+Changes in version 2.0.10-stable (16 Dec 2010)
+ [Autogenerated from the Git log, sorted and cleaned by hand.]
+ o Minor fix for IOCP shutdown handling fix (2599b2d Kelly Brock)
+ o Correctly notify the main thread when activating an event from a subthread (5beeec9)
+ o Reject overlong http requests early when Expect:100-continue is set (d23839f Constantine Verutin)
+ o EVUTIL_ASSERT: Use sizeof() to avoid "unused variable" warnings with -DNDEBUG. (b63ab17 Evan Jones)
+ o bufferevent-internal.h: Use the new event2/util.h header, not evutil.h (ef5e65a Evan Jones)
+ o Use relative includes instead of system includes consistently. (fbe64f2 Evan Jones)
+ o Make whitespace more consistent
+ o tests: Use new event2 headers instead of old compatibility headers. (4f33209 Evan Jones)
+ o Document that the cpu_hint is only used on Windows with IOCP for now (57689c4)
+ o Add stuff to "whats new in 2.0" based on reading include changes since August. (18adc3f)
Changes in 2.0.9-rc (30 Nov 2010):

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