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Changelog and new credits for 2.0.12-stable

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Nick Mathewson
Nick Mathewson committed Jun 3, 2011
1 parent 7283fac commit c355583750fb88e72069040234c94529ce872c7c
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+Changes in version 2.0.12-stable (?? Jun 2011)
+ o Fix a warn-and-fail bug in kqueue by providing kevent() room to report errors (28317a0)
+ o Fix an assert-inducing fencepost bug in the select backend (d90149d)
+ o Fix failing http assertion introducd in commit 0d6622e (0848814 Kevin Ko)
+ o Fix a bug that prevented us from configuring IPv6 nameservers. (74760f1)
+ o Prevent size_t overflow in evhttp_htmlescape. (06c51cd Mansour Moufid)
+ o Added several checks for under/overflow conditions in evhttp_handle_chunked_read (a279272 Mark Ellzey)
+ o Added overflow checks in evhttp_read_body and evhttp_get_body (84560fc Mark Ellzey)
+ o Add missing words to EVLOOP_NONBLOCK documentation (9556a7d)
+ o libssl depends on libcrypto, not the other way around. (274dd03 Peter Rosin)
+ o Libtool brings in the dependencies of automatically (7b819f2 Peter Rosin)
+ o Use OPENSSL_LIBS in (292092e Sebastian Hahn)
+ o Move the win32 detection in (ceb03b9 Sebastian Hahn)
+ o Correctly detect openssl on windows (6619385 Sebastian Hahn)
+ o Fix a compile warning with zlib 1.2.4 and 1.2.5 (5786b91 Sebastian Hahn)
+ o Fix compilation with GCC 2, which had no __builtin_expect (09d39a1 Dave Hart)
+ o Fix new warnings from GCC 4.6 (06a714f)
+ o Link with -lshell32 and -ladvapi32 on Win32. (86090ee Peter Rosin)
+ o Make the tests build when OpenSSL is not available. (07c41be Peter Rosin)
+ o Bring in the compile script from automake, if needed. (f3c7a4c Peter Rosin)
+ o MSVC does not provide S_ISDIR, so provide it manually. (70be7d1 Peter Rosin)
+ o unistd.h and sys/time.h might not exist. (fe93022 Peter Rosin)
+ o Make sure TINYTEST_LOCAL is defined when building tinytest.c (8fa030c Peter Rosin)
+ o Fix winsock2.h #include issues with MSVC (3d768dc Peter Rosin)
+ o Use evutil_gettimeofday instead of relying on the system gettimeofday. (0de87fe Peter Rosin)
+ o Always use evutil_snprintf, even if OS provides it (d1b2d11 Sebastian Hahn)
+ o InitializeCriticalSectionAndSpinCount requires _WIN32_WINNT >= 0x0403. (816115a Peter Rosin)
+ o cygwin: make it possible to build DLLs (d54d3fc)
Changes in version 2.0.11-stable (27 Apr 2011)
[Autogenerated from the Git log, sorted and cleaned by hand.]
@@ -104,6 +104,8 @@ fixing bugs:
Claudio Jeker
Evan Jones
Phua Keat
+ Kevin Ko
+ Brian Koehmstedt
Marko Kreen
Valery Kyholodov
Scott Lamb
@@ -122,6 +124,7 @@ fixing bugs:
Andrey Matveev
Caitlin Mercer
Dagobert Michelsen
+ Mansour Moufid
Felix Nawothnig
Trond Norbye
Linus Nordberg
@@ -136,7 +139,9 @@ fixing bugs:
Dimitre Piskyulev
Pavel Plesov
Jon Poland
+ Robert Ransom
Bert JW Regeer
+ Peter Rosin
Hanna Schroeter
Ralf Schmitt
Mike Smellie

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