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A clickable interactive mandelbrot set, made with Python 3, PIL, and Tkinter. Uses multiprocessing, colour palette is randomly generated.

Update: For a faster, browser-based Mandelbrot set explorer, check out this more recent project.


  1. Install required modules with pip install -r requirements.txt.
  2. Run the program with python3
  3. Left-click the image where you want to zoom in
  4. Right-click the image to zoom out
  5. Control+left-click to shift the view to that point
  6. Control+right-click to change the image colour-palette
  7. Middle-click to save the image

Commandline options

-h, --help               Command-line help dialogue.
-i, --iterations         Number of iterations done for each pixel. Higher is more accurate but slower.
-x                       The x-center coordinate of the frame.
-y                       The y-center coordinate of the frame.
-m, --magnification      The magnification level of the frame. Scientific notation (e.g. 3E-4) is permitted.
-wi, --width             The number of pixels wide the image is.
-he, --height            The number of pixels high the image is.
-s, --save               Flag to save the generated image.
-nm, --noMulti           Flag to not use multiprocessing.

Mandelbrot Set feature rendered by this program