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Fix broken symlink handling
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If a glob match includes a broken symlink we now emit an error.

Resolves #120
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rossmacarthur committed Jul 14, 2021
1 parent a831709 commit 8df07e3
Showing 1 changed file with 8 additions and 4 deletions.
12 changes: 8 additions & 4 deletions src/
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Expand Up @@ -398,11 +398,15 @@ impl ExternalPlugin {
.with_context(s!("failed to parse glob patterns: {}", debug()))?
let entry = entry.with_context(s!("failed to match patterns: {}", debug()))?;
if entry.metadata()?.file_type().is_symlink() {
.with_context(s!("failed to read path matched by patterns: {}", debug()))?
.with_context(s!("failed to read symlink `{}`", entry.path().display()))
.with_context(s!("failed to match patterns: {}", debug()))?;
matched = true;
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