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Always include details section in version output
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This was previously excluded if there was no Git information.
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rossmacarthur committed Feb 16, 2021
1 parent eef0dee commit 92a23b5
Showing 1 changed file with 11 additions and 11 deletions.
22 changes: 11 additions & 11 deletions src/
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Expand Up @@ -30,21 +30,21 @@ pub static CRATE_LONG_VERSION: Lazy<String> =

/// This is a very verbose description of the crate version.
pub static CRATE_VERBOSE_VERSION: Lazy<String> = Lazy::new(|| {
let (commit_hash, commit_date) = GIT
.map(|git| (git.commit_hash, git.commit_date))
.unwrap_or(("unknown", "unknown"));
let mut v = CRATE_VERSION.clone();
macro_rules! push {
($($arg:tt)*) => {v.push('\n'); v.push_str(&format!($($arg)+))};
if let Some(git) = GIT.as_ref() {
push!(" binary: {}", CRATE_NAME);
push!(" release: {}", CRATE_RELEASE);
push!(" commit-hash: {}", git.commit_hash);
push!(" commit-date: {}", git.commit_date);
push!(" target: {}", env!("TARGET"));
push!("Compiled with:");
push!(" binary: {}", CRATE_NAME);
push!(" release: {}", CRATE_RELEASE);
push!(" commit-hash: {}", commit_hash);
push!(" commit-date: {}", commit_date);
push!(" target: {}", env!("TARGET"));
push!("\nCompiled with:");
push!(" binary: {}", env!("RUSTC_VERSION_BINARY"));
push!(" release: {}", env!("RUSTC_VERSION_RELEASE"));
push!(" commit-hash: {}", env!("RUSTC_VERSION_COMMIT_HASH"));
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