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Ross Mason rossmason


  • google-connectors-suite

    forked from mulesoft/google-connectors-suite

    Last updated May 24, 2013

  • intents

    Last updated March 05, 2013

  • mule-streaming-api-demo

    THe demo code I used for my going real-time talk

    Last updated October 02, 2012

  • mule-module-twiml

    forked from mulesoft/mule-module-twiml

    A Mule module for generating Twilios Markup Language. Twilio can handle instructions for calls and SMS messages in * real time from iON applications. When an SMS or incoming call is received, Twilio looks up the iON app associated * with the phone number called and makes a request to it. iON will respond to the request and that response will * decides how the call should proceed by returning a Twilio Markup XML (TwiML) document telling Twilio to say text * to the caller, send an SMS message, play audio files, get input from the keypad, record audio, connect the call * to another phone and more.

    Last updated August 02, 2012

  • test

    Last updated June 11, 2011

  • glu

    forked from mulesoft/glu

    simple, cross-language integration for the masses

    Last updated May 21, 2010

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