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Magento CssCategoryAttribute


This Magento module adds a new Category attribute called CSS Classes which you can set in Catalog > Manage Categories. It is then added to the li tags on Magento's Topmenu which is used to build the main navigation.

CSS Category Attribute

With CSS classes added to the main navigation in this way you will be able to customise and re-use the CSS Styles easily to create a custom UX experience.

Additionally you can use this attribute in app/design/frontend/ //template/catalog/category/view.phtml with code similar to the below:

<?php echo $_category->cssCategoryAttribute() ?>


  • Download latest version here.
  • Unzip to Magento root folder.
  • Clear cache.
  • Re-index Category Flat Data if you have category flat tables enabled.
  • Logout from admin then login again to access the Report.
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