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Added support for multiple gaps operation #5

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Using this commit you can use gap operation on multiple timeframes.


Thanks @artemk for the pull request!

Can you think of a nice way to do this without monkey-patching Array?

Like . . .

Timeframe.collection(timeframe1, timeframe2).gaps_left_by(timeframe3, timeframe4)

or something?


of course i can, but this is more convenient way. Also it not monkey patching Array, but adding new method to open class.
Also that will be to many 'Timeframe' words :)


anything new on this?


Haven't had time for the multiyear revamp yet, sadly. Will do ASAP.

On this pull request, I'm still uncomfortable with a mandatory core extension to Array. How about you make it optional? You can do this by just removing this line. Timeframe users who want this (fairly obscure, I think) additional functionality would just require 'timeframe/core_ext/array' in their own code.

That work for you?

@artemk artemk Merge pull request #1 from ignar/master
Add skip_year_boundary_crossing_check option to #crop
@rossmeissl rossmeissl merged commit 335ccda into rossmeissl:master

Thanks again @artemk

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Commits on Dec 29, 2011
  1. @artemk

    Merge pull request #1 from ignar/master

    artemk authored
    Add skip_year_boundary_crossing_check option to #crop
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