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👋 Link Roamer

Link Roamer Graphic!

🚀 Where to install

This extension is available on:

A browser extension for gathering, organizing, and inspecting all the links on a web page. It's also pretty good at finding broken links (404). This extension allows you to:

Inspect links

  • Highlight broken links on a page (i.e. 404)
  • Highlight non-secure links on a page (i.e. http)
  • Quickly find, view, organize, and navigate links on a page
  • See the status and reasoning for requests that don't succed
  • View links and where they redirect to before navigating

Organize links

  • Group links by their primary domain name
  • Create a tab group from a set of selected links (*Chrome only)
  • Save a set of selected links as bookmarks

Interact with links

  • Copy links to clipboard
  • Open links in a new window or tab
  • Open individual links in a background tab
  • Export links as json, text, or csv
  • Export detailed URL and fetch request data

Link Roamer Graphic!

Local development

Before making edits you will need to build the extension locally and side load it as a developer extension to test any changes.

At the moment, v3 and v2 manifest API conflicts are making things difficult. The Rollup config programmatically compiles two different versions depending on the manifest. For Chrome, the v3 manifest in the dist folder is the one to load. For Firefox, you will need to build and load the zipped release version with yarn release.

1. Clone the repo

Clone the repo to your local machine and navigate into the root directory.

cd link-roamer

2. Install dependencies

Link Roamer uses yarn to build the necessary dependencies.


3. Start and watch a build

For development with automatic reloading:

yarn start

This will build to the dist folder. To load the extension, open the Extensions Dashboard, enable "Developer mode", click "Load unpacked", and choose the dist/v3-manifest folder.

When you make changes in src the background script and any content script will reload automatically.

4. Start the server

You'll need to start up the server to make fetch calls and check statuses. To build content from the src/api folder, run:

yarn watch

This will startup the server and restart it any time a change is recompiled from rollup.

More apps by me

I like making things. Check out what I'm up to lately.

Open source

This extension is open source and doesn't collect any information from users. It's free, and made available because I enjoy making useful things for the web.

Please consider contributing with an idea, bug fix, or feature request.


Feel free to submit a pull request if you've made an improvement of some kind. This is an open source project and any help is very appreciated.