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Wrapping the call to the Menu model get() in a try catch. #5

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This isn't a major issue - more of a gripe.

When setting up versions of sites that use a menu, any templates that attempt to load a menu will throw DoesNotExist exception. This just bypasses that exception by returning [] so that we can get a site up and running and leave the managers to create and build menus.

Hope that makes sense.

@rossp rossp merged commit 9f14d5b into rossp:master
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  1. +4 −1 menu/templatetags/
5 menu/templatetags/
@@ -68,7 +68,10 @@ def get_items(menu_name, current_path, user):
menuitems = []
- menu = Menu.objects.get(slug=menu_name)
+ try:
+ menu = Menu.objects.get(slug=menu_name)
+ except Menu.DoesNotExist:
+ return []
for i in MenuItem.objects.filter(menu=menu).order_by('order'):
current = ( i.link_url != '/' and current_path.startswith(i.link_url)) or ( i.link_url == '/' and current_path == '/' )
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