Stackable Router Middleware to Add Aura Routes to Request
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Stack Aura Router

Technologies Used

You need to build your app using Stack PHP


Is best done via composer, all you need to do is add this to the (or ignore any packages that you already have) require block of your composer.json file:

require: {
    "aura/router": "~2.0@dev" ,
    "rossriley/stack-aura-router": "1.0.*@dev",
    "stack/builder" : "dev-master",
    "stack/url-map" : "dev-master",
    "stack/run"     : "dev-master",

How it works

This project works on a very simple concept. Using Aura Router which is a lovely decoupled Routing package you can define your routes and add the data to an HTTP request object.

Here's an example of bootstrapping an application:

First up configure your routes:

use Aura\Router\RouterFactory;
$router_factory = new RouterFactory;
$router = $router_factory->newInstance();
$router->setValues(['controller' => 'YourNamespace\Controller\Main']);
$router->add("homepage", '/'')->addValues(["action"=>"index"]);
$router->add("signup", '/signup')->addValues(["action"=>"signup"]);

Then bootstrap your app:


$router = include(__DIR__."/../config/routes.php");

$app = new YourNamespace\Application;

$app = (new Stack\Builder())
        ->push('Stack\Aura\RequestRouter', $router)


How to use the compiled routes.

Since your Stack app handles an HttpKernelInterface $request instance, your route details can be fetched directly from the request

$route = $request->attributes->get("route");
// This outputs with a request to /
Array (
    [controller] => YourNamespace\Controller\Main
    [action] => index
    [_name] => homepage
    [_route] => /

As you'll see this output matches the route you described in your routes.php file.

Similarly, the signup route would output the following:

$route = $request->attributes->get("route");
// This outputs with a request to /signup
Array (
    [controller] => YourNamespace\Controller\Main
    [action] => signup
    [_name] => signup
    [_route] => /signup

Contributions Welcome

This is a relatively new project in early alpha stage, although it's being used in the wild by a few fairly large projects. Pull requests / ideas for improvement are most welcome.