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Ross Timson's Dotfiles

$HOME Sweet $HOME -- My dotfiles.


There is a Makefile that will symlink the dotfiles along with any extra setup, read the Makefile for details and names of sub-tasks.

git clone git:// ~/code/dotfiles
cd ~/code/dotfiles

Directory Structure

Some of the configs expect a certain directory structure.


mpd and ncmpcpp are configured for ~/Music/mpd, this was chosen because I rip CDs to various formats and didn't want duplicates to appear so the way I've gotten around this is by symlinking into the mpd directory.


├── flac
├── mpd
│   └── flac -> ../flac
└── opus

Expected Software

The dotfiles will expect certain utility tools to be installed.


Various Emacs modes expect certain tools to be installed.

  • MultiMarkdown
  • mu


There is a shell script in bin/test_dotfiles, the Makefile should use this script to test it has succeeded. It is also useful for showing which symlinks are missing if only some of the dotfiles have been linked manually or via a Make sub-task.

Useful Links