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The webpresent slide template can be used to make dynamic or interactive presentations using HTML. As with any HTML/CSS page you can style the slides yourself using the (S)CSS file.


Use the arrow keys (left & right) to navigate. Also, this works with a wireless presenter tool (which uses page-up and page-down internally).


Different type of transitions

  • Fade in (default)
  • Fade in from the left
  • Fade in from the right
  • Fade in from the bottom
  • Fade in from the top
  • No transition at all

Known issues

This presentation template was made for use with Chrome. I've tried to make it as cross-browser compatible as possible with least effort, so it still includes some small bugs.

  • In Firefox when pressing the right-arrow key, the page seems to move to the right
  • Transitions don't work in IE (requires fix in js)
  • Some transitions aren't working properly in Firefox

Wanted features

  • Interface so users can navigate after you've uploaded the slides