How to extract invoices with AI using Rossum Elis API.
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Extracting invoices with Rossum Elis Extraction API - client examples

These are examples on how to use the Elis Extraction API to automatically process your invoices with AI.


Get API key

Sign up for free (via your Google or GitHub account):

  • "Signup successful! Thank you for signing up. You will receive an email with API access details in no later than a few hours."
Enjoy your new account in Rossum's Invoice Extraction API!

  Your authentication secret key is:


  Your assigned API endpoint is:

  Please refer to for detailed
documentation of our REST API, and don't hesitate to ask for help
at - just reply to this email.

  Tip: You can visualize extracts returned by our API in the JavaScript
client builtin inside our homepage - see the documentation for an

  Kind regards,
                                        Rossum Invoice Robot

You can check this information and your API usage in the dashboard:

Python API client & CLI

The easiest way to try out the Elis Extraction API is the rossum Python package that provides a CLI and Python API.

pip install rossum
export ROSSUM_API_KEY="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx_YOUR_ELIS_API_KEY_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
rossum extract invoice.pdf -o invoice.json
import rossum
extracted_json = rossum.extract('invoice.pdf')

Examples in various languages

In general we send a document file (with security key) to the Elis API, obtain a document id, wait for it being completed (via polling) and get the extracted data in JSON format.

Example data