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Example Elis connector for vendor matching based on vendor name, address or VAT ID
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Example Elis Vendor Matching Connector

The connector matches extracted vendor name, address and VAT ID against a vendor database. Any of these data is sufficient for the right vendor match.

Vendor Matching Connector

To set the connector up:

  • sudo apt install python3-pip and pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  • The access credentials for the PostgreSQL database are stored in and ~/.pgpass file.

You can use elisctl tool to configure an Elis queue to use the connector.

Create the connector first:

	 elisctl connector create "Python Example Connector" --service-url http://hostname:5000 --auth-token wuNg0OenyaeK4eenOovi7aiF

In the response, you will receive the ID of the connector. Next, choose an existing queue and deploy the connector to it:

	 elisctl queue change 29582 --connector-id 1506

Or create a new queue and attach the connector to it:

	 elisctl queue create "Python Connector Queue" --connector-id 1506 -s schema.json

You can also configure the connector using our API directly, for example:

	curl -u ELIS_USERNAME:ELIS_PASSWORD -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '{"name": "Vendor Matching Connector", /
	"service_url": "SERVER_URL", "authorization_token":"AUTHENTICATION_TOKEN", /
	"queues":[""]}' ''


  • ELIS_USERNAME = account you use to login to Elis
  • ELIS_PASSWORD = password to your Elis account
  • SERVER_URL = url path of the server where the vendor matching connector is run
  • AUTHENTICATION_TOKEN = the token Elis uses when accessing connector, stored in as CONNECTOR_AUTH_KEY.
  • QUEUE_NUMBER = number of the queue where the connector should run

For more information on configuration see Elis Document Management API.

To configure the schema for connector to work:

	elisctl queue change SCHEMA_ID -s example_schema.json


  • SCHEMA_ID = id of the schema that the connector should be run on
  • example_schema.json = example schema that is set up to work with connector. Can be customized based on your needs.

For more information on working with elisctl and its download see elisctl Github page.

To use the connector for production, run via HTTPS using, for example, Nginx proxy with Let's encrypt TLS/SSL certificate.

To import testing vendor data to database:

    python3 supportive_data/vendor_data_de.csv

You can test the connector on data from supportive_data folder.

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