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Sets up file associations for mpv on Windows
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This script sets up file associations for mpv on Windows.

How to install

  1. Make sure you have the latest build of mpv. Official builds are here:
  2. Download the zip:
    Note: Make sure you use the above link. Don't use GitHub's "Raw" links on the files themselves, since these have incorrect line-endings, which cause the script to crash. (See #7.)
  3. Copy the .bat files and the .ico to the same directory as mpv.exe
  4. Run mpv-install.bat as administrator. Note: For an unattended install, use the /u switch.
  5. Use the Default Programs and AutoPlay control panels to make mpv the default player

What it does

  • Creates file associations for several video and audio file types
  • Registers mpv with the Default Programs control panel
  • Puts mpv in the "Open with" menu for all video and audio files
  • Registers mpv.exe so it can be used from the Run dialog and the Start Menu
  • Adds mpv as an AutoPlay handler for Blu-rays and DVDs
  • Works when reinstalled to a different folder than the one it was in previously. (File associations created by the "Open with" menu have trouble with this.)

What it doesn't do

  • Add mpv to the %PATH%
  • Enable thumbnails for all media types (use Icaros for this)
  • Allow multiple files to be selected and opened as a playlist. This is harder than it sounds and it can't be done with a simple script. As a workaround, you can create a shortcut to mpv.exe in the "Send to" menu.

How to uninstall

To remove all traces of this script from your computer, run mpv-uninstall.bat as administrator.

Note: This is not necessary if you want to reinstall mpv later (in a different folder, for example,) only if you want to remove it completely. To reinstall, just run mpv-install.bat again.


Should work on Windows Vista and up, tested with Windows Vista, 7, 8.1 and 10. These scripts were written for personal use and released with the hope that they would be useful, but without any warranty.

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