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2008-12-18 Mats Cronqvist <>
* *: tagged and uploaded 4.03
* otp_doc.erl : the strategy for completion is this; try otp_doc
first, since it's faster. if it comes up empty, xref should kick
in. alas, otp_doc was signalling failure to find by
returning {ok,[]} instead of {error,R}.
2008-09-23 Mats Cronqvist <>
* doc: xemacs doesn't ship with ewoc.el. documented this, with a
pointer to savannah.
2008-09-05 Mats Cronqvist <>
* Makefile: the "make install" target and "erl-load-backend"
disagreed on where the beam files where supposed to live. changed
the makefile and updated the INSTALL file.
2008-07-31 Mats Cronqvist <>
* various: fixed docs and compiler warnings, and made a 4.0
2008-05-23 Mats Cronqvist <>
* src/otp_doc.erl (funcsf):
yet another edge case in the broken line handling
* src/otp_doc.erl (handle_link):
added code for the case where you are looking for links and have
several hits, but one is exact. e.g., when searching for
gen_server:start/4, you probably want that and not
2008-05-13 Mats Cronqvist <>
* src/otp_doc.erl:
* src/distel.erl:
* elisp/erl-service.el:
changed completion support (erl-complete) to try completions from
the html docs first, and fall back to xref if that fails. old
behaviour was to try xref only. not so great since;
xref is annoyingly slow
xref also completes internal exports (arguably a feature?)
elisp functions to browse the docs;
2008-04-15 Mats Cronqvist <>
* src/otp_doc.erl:
added modules/1 and functions/2
fixed special case for the gen_server/gen_fsm callbacks
* src/otp_doc.erl:
handled the special case of the "erlang" module.
handling the F-A delimiter that changed between R11 and R12.
2008-04-10 Mats Cronqvist <>
* elisp/erl-service.el:
added erl-find-module (prompt for module name and open erl file)
erl-find-sig-under-point (print function signature(s) in mini-buffer)
e.g., doing erl-find-sig-under-point on "li:fl" will print this;
lib:flush_receive() -> void()
lists:flatlength(DeepList) -> int()
lists:flatmap(Fun, List1) -> List2
lists:flatten(DeepList, Tail) -> List
lists:flatten(DeepList) -> List
2008-04-09 Mats Cronqvist <>
* src/otp_doc.erl:
* src/distel.erl:
in the process of adding document browsing to distel.
currently, M-x erl-find-doc-under-point will pop a buffer and
display the OTP html doc for the function under point.
requires 'w3m' and 'w3m-el' to be installed.
2007-11-03 Bill Clementson <>
* elisp/derl.el (derl-string-make-unibyte,
derl-recv-challenge-ack): Mods for unicode. Patch supplied by
Dimitris Dinodimos.
* elisp/net-fsm.el (fsm-open-socket): Mods for unicode. Patch
supplied by Dimitris Dinodimos.
2007-09-27 Bill Clementson <>
* elisp/erl-service.el (erl-complete): Modified Completions buffer
handling to better conform to standard Emacs completions.
2007-09-17 Bill Clementson <> & Matthias Radestock
* src/distel.erl: Changed who-calls xref:q call so that line
numbers of function calls were returned rather than the line
number of the start of the calling function.
* elisp/erl-service.el (erl-find-callers, erl-who-calls-mode,
erl-goto-caller, erl-propertize-insert): Added derived mode for
who-calls and functionality to go to call locations.
2007-09-14 Bill Clementson <> & Matthias Radestock
* src/distel.erl: Replaced module and function
"completions" (M-TAB) logic with calls to xref:q/2 in order to
improve performance, reuse "who calls" xref code changes, and
provide support for BIF completions.
2007-09-12 Mats Cronqvist <etxmacr@ws73032>
* src/distel.erl (src_from_beam/1): couldn't find the source name
in module_info/1 if the module was interpreted, which caused the
debugger to fail :<
the reason for the exit was that filelib:wildcard("") exits. might
not be a bug, but pretty wierd.
now, if the module is interpreted, the source file name is
retrieved from the interpreter (int:file/1)
2007-09-03 Bill Clementson <>
* src/distel.erl: Replaced "who calls" (C-c C-d w) logic (all ~250
lines of it) with a single call to xref:q/2. (Patch from Matthias
2007-07-20 Mats Cronqvist <locmacr@mwlx084>
* src/distel.erl (guess_source_file): added <beamfiledir>../src/*
to list of directories in which to search for erl files.
search dirs are now:
the one specified in the beamfile (the 'source' field in module_info(compile))
2007-07-05 Bill Clementson <>
* elisp/erl-service.el (erl-nodename-history, erl-choose-nodename):
Added node name default value and history.
* elisp/erl-service.el (erl-find-mod): Deleted function erl-find-mod
as its functionality has been subsumed by erl-find-source-under-point.
2007-07-05 Mats Cronqvist <mats dot cronqvist at gmail dot youguess>
* src/distel.erl: rewrote src_from_beam/1 just because the old one
was ugly.
2007-07-04 Bill Clementson <>
* elisp/erl-service.el (erl-find-source): Stop prompting for node name
when erl-find-source is called with a prefix arg (earlier change in
erl-target-node also affected erl-find-source).
2007-07-02 Bill Clementson <> & Matthias Radestock
* elisp/erl-service.el (erl-ping): New function erl-ping checks to see
whether it is possible to communicate with a node.
* elisp/erl-service.el (maybe-select-db-rebuild, erl-fdoc-apropos,
erl-fdoc-describe): New function maybe-select-db-rebuild handles prefix
arg prompting for fdoc commands that might require a rebuild of the
fdoc db.
* elisp/erl-service.el (erl-target-node): Force node selection if no
such node has been choosen yet, or when invoked with a prefix argument.
* elisp/distel.el (distel-keys): Added "C-c C-d g" key binding for
ner erl-ping command.
* doc/distel.texi (Conventions): Added comments about mods made to
allow selection of a node if a command is called with a prefix argument
and new erl-ping command.
2007-06-22 Bill Clementson <>
* elisp/erl-service.el (erl-reload-module): Change "eq" to "equal"
when comparing node to edb-monitor-node.
2007-06-21 Bill Clementson <>
* elisp/edb.el (edb-toggle-interpret, edb-monitor-cleanup): Reverted my
2007-06-11 change (as it was causing problems when doing multi-module
debugging) and cleared edb-monitor-node in edb-monitor-cleanup so that
debugging would be initialized properly when re-debugging the same
node. Thanks to Matthias Radestock for helping to identify the bug.
2007-06-11 Bill Clementson <>
* elisp/erl-service.el (erl-eval-expression): Use current region
as default expression to evaluate.
* doc/distel.texi: Updated document with mod for erl-eval-expression.
* elisp/edb.el (edb-toggle-interpret): Fix problem with debugger
not toggling properly when connection to erlang node had been
stopped and subsequently restarted.
2007-06-06 Luke Gorrie <>
* src/fdoc.erl (import_module): Fixed pattern matching bug.
Thanks Matthias Radestock.
2007-05-12 Luke Gorrie <>
* Makefile: Removed configure/autoconf. Not needed anymore!
* elisp/distel.el (distel-menu-items): Added erl-reload-modules.
2007-04-14 Luke Gorrie <>
* src/distel.erl (calls): Added a 'catch' over erl_syntax calls to
make who-calls more robust. (Patch from Matthias Radestock.)
2007-04-12 Mats Cronqvist <>
* elisp/erl-service.el (erl-set-cookie, erl-get-cookie):
sets/gets the lisp side cookie. if emacs and erlang are running on
different machines you typically want to set the lisp side cookie
to the same as on the erlang side (use erlang:get_cookie/0).
2007-02-27 Luke Gorrie <>
* elisp/erl-service.el (erl-check-backend, &erl-load-backend):
If the Erlang node does not have the Distel modules available in
the code path then patch them in directly as binaries using RPC.
Now you don't have to bother adding Distel to the code path and
should be able to connect to any Erlang node (e.g. on a target
* elisp/net-fsm.el (fsm-shutdown): Fixed annoying bug.
* elisp/erl.el (erl-binary, erl-binaryp, erl-binary-string):
Added explicit binary datatype that is sent to Erlang as a binary.
* elisp/erlext.el (erl-tag): Switched from defconst to defvar to
avoid unnecessarily redefining (which blows everything).
Added encoding of binaries.
2006-09-25 Mats Cronqvist <>
* src/distel.erl: added erl-reload-modules. reloads all modules
that are out of date. compares time of compilation for the loaded
code and the code in the corresponding beam file.
* elisp/distel.el: bound erl-reload-modules to C-c C-d r.
2006-09-04 Mats Cronqvist <>
* src/distel.erl (Module): reload_module/2; 1st arg assumed to be
sting, could be atom or string. resolved by creating to_atom/1
and to_bin/1. got rid of l2a/1 and l2b/1.
2006-08-03 Mats Cronqvist <>
* src/distel.erl (Module): had problems in guess_source_file/2;
1st arg was assumed to be atom, but could be atom or list.
wound up creating 3 functions;
l2a/1 - list_to_atom
l2b/1 - list_to_binary
to_list - *_to_list
and use them consistently.
2006-05-15 Mats Cronqvist <>
* src/distel.erl (Module): behaviour of int:meta changed in R10B-10.
edb now understands the new, and (hopefully) the old as well.
new feature; you can attach to a process that exited in
interpreted code and inspect the stack (just as if you're in a
fixed bug when trying to do c:l/1 on a string
2005-06-07 Mats Cronqvist <>
* elisp/derl.el (derl-cookie): made derl-cookie writable
2005-06-03 Mats Cronqvist <>
* elisp/erl-service.el (erl-openparent): inserts a "(" and the
argument list from erl-openparen.
(erl-reload-dwim): Do What I Mean to erl-reload-module. when
reloading beam files; if erl-reload-dwim is non-nil, and the
erlang module cannot be found in the load path, we attempt to find
the correct directory. I.e. if we're editing PATH/Mod.erl we look
for PATH/Mod.beam orelse PATH/../ebin/Mod.beam. if found we add
the dir to the load path and retry the load. We also don't prompt
for the module name. this is your basic bloat.
* elisp/distel.el (Module): bound M-( to erl-openparent
2005-06-02 Mats Cronqvist <>
* src/distel.erl (reload_module/2): runs c:l/1, if it fails it looks
for the beam file in in srcdir and srcdir/../ebin (srcdir is where
the .erl file that you're editing lives, it's sent from emacs). if
it finds the beam file it adds the appropriate dir to the load
path and reruns c:l/1.
(stack_pos/2): debugger wouldn't show the variable
bindings in the top level function. now it does!
(refresh_dir/1): fixed typo
(Module): imported some functions from filename, renamed some
unused vars...
2005-03-25 Mats Cronqvist <>
* elisp/derl.el (derl-int32-to-decimal): Rewrote the test for
enough precision in floating-point. the test is pretty lame, even
if it succeeds we cannot be sure it'll work for all int32's.
alas, i'm too ignorant to write a good test. the previous version
of the test was nicer, but FSFmacs-specific :<
2005-02-20 Luke Gorrie <>
* doc/distel.texi (Conventions): Added a note that you need to
start the Erlang node yourself, to make Joe happy.
2005-01-30 Luke Gorrie <>
* elisp/erl-service.el (erl-goto-end-of-call-name): Rewrote to
hopefully suck less badly.
2004-10-27 Luke Gorrie <>
* elisp/erl-service.el (erl-refactor-subfunction): Strip text
properties from refactored text.
* elisp/erl.el (&erl-group-leader-loop): Make *erl-output* a plain
Emacs buffer created on demand. Previously it was actually the
Distel group leader process and so it was bad to kill it (now it's
2004-10-26 Martin Bjorklund <>
* elisp/distel.el (distel-menu-items): Use erl-choose-nodename in
the menu.
2004-10-25 Luke Gorrie <>
* elisp/derl.el (derl-send-name): Lie to Erlang by saying that we
support extended PIDs. This way we can establish distribution with
R10B-0, which doesn't seem to actually send extended pids
initially. (This is a lame workaround but I'm in a hurry and the
extended-pid format is not documented.)
* doc/distel.texi: Updated to describe `erl-choose-nodename' and
the fact that `C-u' is now a regular prefix argument instead of a
* README, INSTALL: Updated to describe simplified installation
2004-10-23 Luke Gorrie <>
* elisp/erl-service.el (erl-choose-nodename): Update
* elisp/distel.el (distel-keys, distel-bind-keys): Bind keys
manually instead of with define-minor-mode. The latter makes it
hard to change the bindings without restarting Emacs.
(distel-modeline-node): Variable containing the (possibly
abbreviated) name of the current Erlang node. This is displayed in
the modeline so the user can see which node is in use.
2004-10-16 Luke Gorrie <>
* elisp/derl.el (derl-int32-to-decimal): No longer try to use the
'dec32' helper program: rely solely on floating point. This way we
can remove that C program entirely.
2004-08-26 Luke Gorrie <>
* erl/distel.erl: Added who_calls/3 front-end to cross
* elisp/patmatch.el (patmatch): Fixed bugs in matching lists and
2004-08-25 Luke Gorrie <>
* elisp/erl-service.el (erl-read-call-mfa): This is now the One
True Way to determine the module/function/arity for a command to
operate on.
(erl-who-calls): New command to list all callers of a given
(erl-node-name): Renamed to `erl-target-node'. Does not look at
prefix argument anymore. If you want to switch nodes you now have
to use `M-x erl-choose-node' instead of just `C-u'. This frees up
the prefix argument for more interesting uses.
* elisp/erl.el (&erl-group-leader-loop): Make the *erl-output*
window scroll properly.
2004-05-27 Luke Gorrie <>
* elisp/erl-service.el (erl-refactor-subfunction): More
robust. Can now handle things like trailing ';' characters in the
region being refactored.
2004-05-24 Luke Gorrie <>
* elisp/erl.el (erl-nodes): New variable. Contains the list of
nodes that we're connected to, like the nodes() BIF.
* elisp/erl-service.el (erl-openparen): Don't lookup the arglist
unless we're actually connected to the node.
2004-05-21 Luke Gorrie <>
* elisp/erl-service.el (erl-openparen): New command to print the
argument list for a function call. Automatically runs when you
type '('.
* erl/distel.erl (get_arglists): The Erlang part.
2004-03-23 Dave Love <>
* doc/distel.texi: Fix some @xref usages.
2004-03-10 Dave Love <>
* elisp/patmatch.el (cl): Require when compiling.
(mcase-parse-clauses): Wrap in eval-and-compile.
(mlet): Don't use gensym.
(pmatch-tail): New.
(patmatch): Use it.
(pattern): Defvar when compiling.
* elisp/net-fsm.el (cl): Require when compiling.
(with-error-cleanup): Don't use gensym.
(fsm-build-message): Use default-enable-multibyte-characters.
* elisp/erlext.el (xemacs-only, gnu-only): Delete. Don't use them
to signal error on loading.
(erlext-binary-to-term, erlext-term-to-binary): Use
default-enable-multibyte-characters, with-temp-buffer.
(erlext-read1): Define conditionally on fbound char-int.
* elisp/erl.el: Only require cl when compiling. Provide erl
early. Doc fixes.
(defprocvar): Wrap in eval-when-compile.
(erl-remove-if): New. Change callers of remove-if to use it.
* elisp/erl-service.el (cl): Require when compiling.
(erl): Require.
* elisp/erl-example.el (cl): Require when compiling.
(erl): Require.
* elisp/epmd.el (cl): Require when compiling.
(epmd-port-please): Comment out (unused).
* elisp/edb.el (cl): Require when compiling.
(erlang-extended-mode): Autoload.
* elisp/distel-ie.el (cl): Require when compiling.
(erl): Require.
(erl-ie-evaluate, erl-ie-copy-buffer-to-session)
(erl-ie-copy-region-to-session): Doc fix.
* elisp/derl.el (cl): Require when compiling.
(derl-alive): Use default-enable-multibyte-characters,
with-temp-buffer, erl-tuple-elt.
(derl-int32-to-decimal): Maybe use floating point.
(derl-hexstring-to-binstring): Renamed from
hexstring-to-binstring; callers changed.
(derl-merge-halves): Renamed from merge-halves; callers changed.
(derl-hexchar-to-int): Renamed from hexchar-to-int; callers
* elisp/distel.el (distel-erlang-mode-hook): Doc fix.
(erlang-extended-mode-hook): Quote lambda in hook.
(font-lock): Require when compiling.
(report-distel-problem): Require font-lock.
2004-01-09 Luke Gorrie <>
* erl/distel.erl (debug_toggle): Call code:ensure_loaded/1 to
make sure a module is loaded before trying to interpret. This is
an attempt to avoid not-properly-understood debugger problems.
2003-06-11 Luke Gorrie <>
* elisp/erl-service.el (erl-refactor-strip-macros): Now removing
macros before attempting to find free variables in
expressions. This allows us to refactor code that uses macros,
though it could lead to invalid refactorings in pathological cases
(i.e. if a macro expansion would really have introduced a new free
2003-03-26 Luke Gorrie <>
* Release: 3.3!
2003-03-11 Luke Gorrie <>
* elisp/derl.el (erl-dec32): Portability fix for Win32, thanks to
Nicolas Charpentier.
* erl/distel.erl: Now converting fdoc result strings into
binaries, to avoid the classic string/list encoding problems.
2003-03-10 Luke Gorrie <>
* elisp/distel.el: Added "C-x SPC" keybinding for toggling
breakpoints, for consistency with the rest of Emacs.
* elisp/erl-service.el: fdoc commands now accept a numeric prefix
to mean, "rebuild the doc database."
2003-03-06 Luke Gorrie <>
* elisp/edb.el: Improved breakpoint handling.
* elisp/erl-service.el (erl-fdoc-apropos, erl-fdoc-describe):
Added commands for finding documentation via 'fdoc'.
2003-02-17 Luke Gorrie <>
* elisp/erl-service.el (erl-check-backend): Now using the
`erl-nodeup-hook' to automatically check that the `distel' module
is loadable by Erlang nodes we connect to, and print a warning if
not. You can avoid this by setting `distel-inhibit-backend-check'
to t.
2003-01-15 Luke Gorrie <>
* elisp/erl-service.el (erl-read-nodename): The universal prefix
argument (C-u) means "prompt me for which node to use", but
numeric prefixes no longer do. This is to free them up for other
(erl-find-source-under-point): Numeric prefix argument forces the
same behaviour as `distel-tags-compliant', i.e. prompt for
function name. Useful for jumping to functions that aren't being
called anywhere handy.
(erl-refactor-subfunction): Slightly improved error reportage.
* elisp/edb.el (edb-new-attach-buffer): Inhibiting
`erlang-new-file-hook' in attach buffers. It was misfiring and
causing problems.
* elisp/erl-service.el (erl-refactor-subfunction): Small
portability fix; this feature probably only worked in the CVS
version of Emacs 21 previously. Now also works in 21.2.1.
2003-01-14 Luke Gorrie <>
* elisp/erl-service.el (erl-refactor-subfunction): New refactoring
command: takes all expressions in the region and makes a new
function out of them. The original text is replaced by a call to
the new function, and all needed variables are passed as
parameters. The function itself is placed on the kill ring, for
manual placement. Bound to "C-c C-d f".
* erl/distel.erl: Erlang-side refactoring support, requires
syntax_tools version 1.2 (from contributions.)
2003-01-11 Luke Gorrie <>
* elisp/edb.el: Toggling stale breakpoints is now a local
operation - it doesn't talk to the erlang node. This fixes a
problem caused by the expected inconsistencies. Also, making a
buffer uninterpreted now removes all breakpoints (the erlang
debugger backend already quietly works this way.)
2002-12-16 Luke Gorrie <>
* Release: 3.2!
* elisp/edb.el (edb-make-breakpoint-overlay): Changed
`point-at-bol' call to `line-beginning-position', for Emacs20
Minor XEmacs compatibility hacks.
* elisp/distel.el (erlang-extended-mode): Moved "BODY" part from
erlang-extended-mode's define-minor-mode and into a hook, for
Emacs20 compatibility.
* erl/distel.erl (debug_add): Now always reinterpreting modules,
even when int:interpreted() says they're already interpreted,
since it can give false information if modules are reloaded behind
its back. Maybe we need to talk with OTP about the semantics of
reloading interpreted modules in various ways..
* elisp/derl.el (derl-cookie): Variable for explicitly setting
cookie (from Mats Cronqvist)
* elisp/distel.el (erlang-extended-mode): Some new key bindings:
C-d C-d e: erl-ie-show-session (moved from C-c C-d s)
C-c C-d s: edb-synch-breakpoints
C-c C-d S: edb-save-dbg-state
C-c C-d R: edb-restore-dbg-state
* elisp/erl-service.el (erl-reload-module): Bugfix - if a module
is interpreted, then we reinterpret it instead of
reloading. Avoids problem of quietly uninterpreting modules.
* elisp/erl.el (erl-node-name): Now including the unix pid of
Emacs in the node name, so that multiple Emacsen can connect to
the same erlang node. Previously there was a naming conflict.
2002-12-15 Luke Gorrie <>
* elisp/edb.el (edb-make-breakpoints-stale): Never mark
breakpoints as stale in attach buffer.
(edb-breakpoint-stale-face): Switched stale breakpoint colour to
purple (no decent dark yellow, at least on LCD screen.)
2002-12-13 Martin Bjorklund <>
* elisp/edb.el (edb-save-dbg-state): Save debugger state
(i.e. which modules are interpreted, and their breakpoints). The
saved state can be restored after e.g. a node restart with
2002-12-12 Luke Gorrie <>
* elisp/edb.el (edb-synch-breakpoints): When calculating the line
number of a breakpoint overlay, now counting lines from
(point-min) (beginning of buffer) instead of (window-start)
(beginning of visible part of buffer).
2002-12-08 Luke Gorrie <>
* elisp/erl-service.el (erl-find-source): Fixed problem where
erl-find-source would only work from files with -module(..)
declarations. Now it works in any erlang-mode buffer.
2002-12-08 Martin Bjorklund <>
* elisp/erl-service.el (erl-find-source-under-point): Don't ask
for nodename if a local function definition is asked for.
2002-12-06 Martin Bjorklund <>
* elisp/edb.el (edb-synch-breakpoints): Added "synch all
breakpoints to erlang" command, bound to C-c C-d S. Might be used
after a buffer with breakpoints has been modified, recompiled and
loaded to erlang, to re-apply all breakpoints in the buffer.
* elisp/edb.el (edb-breakpoint-stale-face): Added a face which is
used to mark breakpoints to be out of synch when a buffer is
* elisp/edb.erl: Cleanups.
2002-12-06 Luke Gorrie <>
* elisp/erl-service.el (erl-pman-kill-process): Added "kill this
process" command, bound to 'k' (patch from Mats Cronqvist.)
* elisp/erl.el (erl-exit): Fixed stupid bug.
* elisp/edb.el (edb-monitor): Now putting the point at the last
process after popping up the monitor (patch from Mats Cronqvist.)
2002-11-30 Luke Gorrie <>
* elisp/edb.el (edb-make-breakpoint-overlay): Tiny tweak of
setting the overlay "rear advance" to nil. This means that if you
open a new line following a breakpoint, the overlay won't spill
over onto it.
2002-11-28 Luke Gorrie <>
* elisp/edb.el (edb-attach-mode): Bound "b" to
edb-toggle-breakpoint in attach buffers, as a shortcut.
2002-11-28 Martin Bjorklund <>
* elisp/edb.el: Added visual breakpoints, both in source files and
the attach buffer. It uses the customizable face
'edb-breakpoint-face' for breakpoint highlighting.
* elisp/distel.el: Extended the Erlang menu with a 'distel'
submenu, which contains the common distel functions.
* elisp/derl.el (derl-use-trace-buffer): Added a customizable
'derl-use-trace-buffer' (default t) which is used to turn on/off
the trace buffer.
* elisp/net-fsm.el (fsm-use-debug-buffer): Added a customizable
'fsm-use-debug-buffer' (default nil) which is used to turn on/off
the net-fsm debug buffer.
2002-11-24 Luke Gorrie <>
* configure: Added configure script to CVS.
* elisp/distel.el (erlang-extended-mode): Added completion binding
on M-?, since M-TAB is often used by window managers.
* elisp/distel-ie.el: Changed keybindings. Now C-j evaluates the
expression behind the point and inserts the result in-line, and
C-M-x evaluates a function definition and shows the result as a
message. Based on suggestions from people at EUC.
* elisp/distel.el (distel): Added Distel customization group under
Programming->Tools, and put `distel-tags-compliant' and
`edb-popup-monitor-on-event' in there.
* elisp/erl-service.el (erl-complete): Added command to complete
module names and fully-qualified function names, with all the
fixin's (popup completion list etc). This is bound on M-TAB, and
(process-list-mode): Pressing "u" now updates the process list. A
bunch of small usability enhancements to process info viewing.
2002-11-23 Luke Gorrie <>
* elisp/derl.el (derl-nodedown): Now delivering EXIT signals from
linked remote processes when we lose contact with their node. This
fixes some long standing problems, like the debug monitor hanging
if you restart the node it's talking to.
2002-11-21 Martin Bjorklund <>
* elisp/distel.el (distel-tags-compliant): New variable for making
M-. prompt for which function to find.
2002-11-21 Luke Gorrie <>
* elisp/erl.el: Various minor fixes: added erl-group-leader
function (if the variable is nil in a non-process buffer, it takes
the default), improved erl-pid-to-string, rearranged some things.
* elisp/erl-service.el (erl-send-rpc): Using a new
erl-group-leader function instead of the variable of the same
name, to fix a problem when sending RPCs from non-process buffers.
* elisp/edb.el (edb-monitor-format): Avoiding trailing spaces in
summary lines, so that it doesn't unnecessarily wrap lines on < 80
column displays (was needed for the big font I used in the EUC
* elisp/distel-ie.el: Added a couple of `push-mark' calls, so that
after you evaluate a definition the mark will be placed where the
cursor is (and thus when you type a new expression, the region
will be around your new text, ready for M-x). But what we really
need to do is change M-x so that it grabs a whole expression
instead of using the region.
2002-11-12 Luke Gorrie <>
* elisp/derl.el (erl-connect): Now printing an error if we try to
connect to an erlang node that has the same nodename as Emacs, to
prevent a commonly confusing problem.
2002-11-10 Luke Gorrie <>
* Release: 3.1!
2002-11-08 Luke Gorrie <>
* Everywhere: Incompatible changes to the pattern syntax. All
symbols are now variables by default, to match a symbol by value
it has to be quoted. The basic difference is:
[ok Value]
['ok value]
The algorithm for updating your patterns is:
Put a quote in front of all lower-case match-by-value symbols.
Change all the symbols for variables to lower-case.
And that's all. Hopefully I've correctly fixed this in all the
code included in Distel.
* elisp/erl-service.el (fprof-analyse): Added new command to view
an existing fprof analysis file.
2002-11-05 Luke Gorrie <>
* elisp/erl.el (erl-make-ref): Equivalent to make_ref/0 BIF in
Erlang. Also added support for encoding/decoding refs "on the
wire" (erlext.el).
* elisp/erlext.el (erlext-read-obj): Bignums are now skipped over,
giving the symbol SMALL-BIGNUM or LARGE-BIGNUM instead of an
2002-10-30 Luke Gorrie <>
* elisp/erl-service.el (erl-reload-module): Convenience function
for reloading an Erlang module. I often see people switch from
Emacs to an erlang shell to type "l(mymod)" after a 'make'. This
is a quicker way.
Bound to "C-c C-d L".
2002-10-23 Luke Gorrie <>
* elisp/distel.el (report-distel-problem): New automated bug
reporting command. Creates a bug report email template including
some recent trace information.
2002-10-08 Luke Gorrie <>
* distel.erl, elisp/edb.el (edb-toggle-interpret): Fixes for
finding the right source code to interpret when debugging is
toggled on (patch by Mats Cronqvist). Now we use the absolute path
name of the Emacs buffer as the filename to interpret on the
Erlang node. This essentially assumes a common file system between
both nodes. The issue of "fully general" debugging on arbitrary
remote nodes still needs some thinking (e.g. if node and Emacs
have different versions of the code, etc.). But for now this is
more convenient for debugging nodes that do have a common file
system with Emacs.
2002-10-04 Luke Gorrie <>
* erl/distel.erl, erl-service.el: Can now find the source file for
a module from information in the beamfile saying where it was
originally compiled. Idea & patch by Mats Cronqvist
2002-09-30 Luke Gorrie <>
* elisp/erl-service.el (erl-find-source): Doesn't do the
source-file-finding RPC when already in a buffer matching the
module name.
2002-08-29 Luke Gorrie <>
* Release: 3.0!
2002-08-29 david wallin <>
* (Module): New file, trying to explain what
distel-ie is supposed to do.
2002-08-29 Luke Gorrie <>
* elisp/distel-ie.el (erl-ie-inline-results): Added variable to
control how results are reported (inline in buffer, or in message
area). Uses the message area by default, prefix argument inverts.
(erl-ie-show-session): This is the new "create a blank session"
command (calls erl-ie-session and pops up the buffer, something
I'd broken)
2002-08-28 Luke Gorrie <>
* elisp/erl-service.el (display-message-or-view): Fixed
embarrassing bug where an unbound variable was being
used (apparently it previously had the right dynamic binding by
luck - scary).
* erl/distel.erl (find_source/1): Now resolves relative paths.
* elisp/erl-service.el (erl-find-source-under-point): Included
details of the workings in the docstring. Made a portability
2002-08-27 Luke Gorrie <>
* elisp/erl.el (erl-stop-on-error): Setting this variable to
non-nil stops the scheduler from trapping elisp errors, so you
can debug them normally. See variable docstring for details.
* elisp/distel.el (erlang-extended-mode): Fixed up the mode line
format for erlang-extended-mode. Working around a bug in Emacs 21,
I think.
2002-08-24 david wallin <>
* elisp/derl.el (erl-connect): Well well well... who would have
guessed that I would have to step in and save the day with some
elisp hacking? :-) Anyway, Luke, better take a look at the changes,
at least now you can connect to an erl node.
2002-08-23 Luke Gorrie <>
* elisp/erl-service.el (display-message-or-view): Emacs20
compatibility fix. Also, now only using the echo area for
single-line messages, even though Emacs21 can handle bigger
ones. This feels better for process info items, since it's
confusing to have e.g. one large backtrace in a buffer and then
another smaller one pop up in the echo area - better to always use
the buffer.
* elisp/edb.el (edb-monitor): Monitor buffer now pops up when an
attached process exits (as well as when an unattached process hits
a breakpoint).
* elisp/erl.el (erl-set-name): Added this function that processes
can call to give themself a name. This name is printed if the
process crashes - it's handy for debugging. Updated some existing
processes to use it.
* elisp/derl.el (erl-connect): When epmd lookup fails, the *derl
<node>* buffer is now killed. This fixes a long-standing bug that
forced you to manually kill this buffer before you can try to
connect again.
2002-08-22 david wallin <>
* elisp/distel-ie.el (erl-ie-copy-[buffer|region]-to-session): Move
the pointer to the end of the buffer before inserting.
* elisp/distel-ie.el (erl-ie-session): The welcome message should
only occur once (on startup), i.e., that the user is welcome back
is now implicit.
* erl/distel_ie.erl (add_remote_call_info/2): Added the string tuple.
So 'cd("/usr/local").' can now properly be evaluated.
2002-08-22 Luke Gorrie <>
* elisp/erl-service.el (erl-bury-viewer): Add this command, which
is like `erl-quit-viewer' but buries rather than kills the buffer.
(erl-find-source): Improved error reportage, and now only adding
locations to the M-, history when we actually jump somewhere.
* elisp/edb.el: Various debugger improvements: Monitor buffer pops
up when an unattached process hits a breakpoint (unless
`edb-popup-monitor-on-event' is nil); Monitor better intercepts
debug commands to either start monitoring or switch nodes; 'q' now
hides rather than kills the monitor buffer/process ('k' kills);
Return and C-m can be used to attach to a process from the monitor,
as well as the traditional 'a'.
2002-08-21 Luke Gorrie <>
* config/ Now being careful to add
Distel at the end of the load-path, so that the
possibly-redundant files we include for compatibility (ewoc.el,
md5.el) don't override any locally installed ones.
* README, (VERSION): Increased 3.0a -> 3.0b to
distinguish from the version installed on Bluetail'ers' machines
earlier today.
* elisp/erl.el (erl-reductions): Added reductions counter, saying
how many times a process has been executed (_not_ how many calls
it has made, like Erlang reductions). This can be inspected
directly for debug purposes.
* config/ Using autoconf on the .emacs
snippet to setup the right load-path. It seems that just making a
directory in ${prefix}/share/emacs/site-lisp/ doesn't get you
into the load path automatically.
* elisp/edb.el, erl/distel.erl: Reworked the debugger so that the
Monitor process tracks the current set of breakpoints and
interpreted modules. Erlang-extended-mode buffers now indicate via
the mode line whether they are currently being interpreted.
* Moved the documentation onto separate targets:
"info", "info_install", "postscript". Hopefully this will avoid
hittings errors in basic installations on non-GNU systems.
2002-08-20 david wallin <>
* elisp/distel.el (erlang-extended-mode): Added a keybinding
for erl-ie-evaluate: C-M-x.
* elisp/distel-ie.el (erl-ie-evaluate): If the current buffer
isn't a session; start a session and copy the marked region
over to it. All interaction will then take place in the
session buffer.
2002-08-20 Luke Gorrie <>
* elisp/erl-service.el (erl-find-source-under-point): Can now
handle text like "foo:bar/2" - i.e. reads the arity correctly, so
you can jump to definitions from e.g. export lists. Actual change
made in `erl-get-arity'.
(erl-find-source-under-point): When arity can't be determined,
finds the first matching function of any arity. This is useful
when you're writing a function call and can't remember what
arguments/arities a function has - you can jump to the definition
and see.
* All: XEmacs and Emacs20 compatibility fixes (tested edb,
2002-08-19 david wallin <>
* elisp/distel.el (erlang-extended-mode): Added keybindings
for distel-ie.
C-c C-d s : Start a session.
C-c C-d c : Copy current buffer to a session.
C-c C-d r : Copy a marked region in the current buffer to a session.
* elisp/distel-ie.el (erl-ie-copy-buffer-to-session): Renamed
* elisp/distel-ie.el (erl-ie-copy-region-to-session): Same as
erl-ie-copy-buffer-to-session but works on a marked region.
2002-08-19 Luke Gorrie <>
* elisp/distel.el, elisp/erlang-mode-ext.el: Renamed
erlang-mode-ext.el to distel.el, so that it's obvious what the
"top level" is. Now you need to (require 'distel) in your init
file instead of (require 'erlang-mode-ext).
* elisp/erl-service.el, distel.erl (fprof): Fixed the fprof
interface to handle multiple processes. Used the compiler as a
test case.
The presentation of results is seriously inadequate for such large
quantities of data. What's needed is a sexy tree layout like the
OptimizeIt profiler for Java has.
2002-08-18 david wallin <>
* elisp/distel-ie.el (erl-ie-evaluate): Can now receive messages
that should go into the minibuffer.
* elisp/distel-ie.el (erl-ie-evaluate): Slight correction on how
the output of formatted.
* elisp/distel-ie.el (erl-ie-fiddle-with-me): New function. Copies
the content of the current buffer into a session. So you can 'fiddle'
away on the code without screwing up the original file.
(Suggestions for name change are welcome).
* erl/distel_ie.erl (ensure_registered/0): Updates the
group leader on an already running 'distel_ie' process.
So if you do M-x erl-ie-session and connect to a node where
distel_ie is already running, the stdin/stdout is correctly
* erl/distel_ie.erl (evaluate/2): Defining a new function returns
the function name and arity.
* erl/distel_ie.erl (get_function_name/1): Returns the arity as well.
2002-08-17 Luke Gorrie <>
* Buildscripts: Revamped the makefiles, inspired by host fast
Ghostscript does "the null make" without recursions. Stole all the
code from Darius Bacon's idel package - very handy.
Anyhoo, now you can do "./configure && make && make install" and
you get the files installed in all the usual bits of /usr/local/ -
even the manual in your Info directory.
For really lazy people, you can do "make conf_install", which will
patch your .emacs and .erlang to setup the right hooks to run
everything (this Should Be perfectly safe, not that I'd trust
someone else's program to do it to mine..)
You can also do "make dist" to build a distributable package (in
../) -- but if I start finding cheap knock-off Distel CDs selling
in china, I'm gonna come after you.
NOTE: When you checkout this from CVS, you will have to do
"autoconf && ./configure" to generate your Makefile.
* doc/distel.texi: Brought up-to-date with recent changes.
2002-08-14 Luke Gorrie <>
* elisp/edb.el (edb-attach-with-new-frame): Setting this variable
to non-nil makes the debugger create new frames to attach to
2002-08-04 Luke Gorrie <>
* elisp/edb.el: Improved variables window (now you can press
return on a variable to popup its full value).
* elisp/erl-service.el (erl-read-nodename): Now you can enter node
names without the @host part, and they're taken to refer to the
local host.
* README: OSX setup instructions care of David Wallin.
* elisp/edb.el, distel.erl: Added up/down motion through the
stack in the debugger.
2002-08-03 Luke Gorrie <>
* Everywhere: Changed the datatype mapping so that tuples are just
vectors, so {ok, "foo"} becomes [ok "foo"] instead of
[tuple ok "foo"]. Pids and ports, which are also vectors, now
contain a special `erl-tag' in their first element, which is the
uninterned symbol `TYPE'. Because the symbol is uninterned, it's
not equal to what you get from 'TYPE, even though it looks the
same. It's distinct from any value that can appear in an actual
tuple, so the mapping is unambiguous.
This modification is _not_ backwards compatible. Any tuple-based
pattern matching needs to be updated, and any accesses to tuple
elements with `elt' will now be off-by-one (there is a `tuple-elt'
function to use instead, which indexes from 1). I've fixed
everything that grepped on "elt" or "tuple", and everything seems
to work.
I'd been scratching for a nice way to do this since the beginning
-- an uninterned symbol is just right.
2002-08-02 Luke Gorrie <>
* elisp/derl.el (ensure-have-dec32): Rewrite based on
`locate-library', hopefully now more portable.
2002-08-01 Luke Gorrie <>
* elisp/erl-service.el (erl-goto-end-of-call-name): Added a
work-around for the installation on Tobbe's machine, which doesn't
put ':' in the same syntax class as mine does. Cause as yet
* elisp/erlang-mode-ext.el: Decided to hijack the TAGS key
bindings, so now M-. takes you from a function call to the
definition, and M-, jumps you back afterwards.
* elisp/erl-service.el (erl-find-source-unwind): Added "unwind"
feature for going back after following function calls to their
definitions (suggested by Tobbe, and very nice).
2002-07-29 Luke Gorrie <>
* elisp/erl.el (erl-determine-hostname): Doing a better job of
figuring out the local hostname, to choose emacs's node name.
* everywhere: On-line documentation improvements, so that
'describe-mode' (C-h m) will tell you about all the funky features
of the various modes.
* erlang-mode-ext.el: Switch keybindings prefix to "C-cC-d". Now
have an "erlang-extended-mode" minor mode, which includes all
extensions including edb.
* elisp/erl.el (erl-run-process): When a process crashes due to an
elisp error, the exit reason is stringified to avoid e.g. trying
to send buffer objects to erlang nodes inside an exit reason.
* edb.el, distel.erl: Debugger enhancements.
* derl.el: Stopped including "TICK" messages in the
"*trace <nodename>*" buffers. They're too distracting.
2002-07-27 Luke Gorrie <>
* elisp/erl.el (erl-idle): (erl-idle) puts the process into a
receive that matches nothing, making the process idle
indefinitely. This can be interrupted by executing code in the
process via an emacs command.
* elisp/erl-service.el (erl-show-process-info-item): Now possible
to view individual process items, with special support for
message queues and backtraces.
(erl-find-source): Better.
2002-06-24 Luke Gorrie <>
* erl/distel.erl: Erlang-side debugger support. Fprof interface
can parse expressions.
* elisp/erlang-mode-ext.el: More key bindings ("C-c C-e" prefix),
moved debugging code to edb.el
* elisp/edb.el: New file for (much improved and extended) debugger
* elisp/erl-service.el (erl-find-source): Added erl-find-source to
find and load the source code for a module by name.
(fprof): Fprof now takes an erlang expression as input instead of
* elisp/erl.el (erl-run-process): Saves current buffer when
invoking the process continuation, so that cleanup works when the
process returns in another buffer.
2002-06-17 Luke Gorrie <>
* elisp/erlang-mode-ext.el, erl/distel.erl: Beginnings of
debugger support: partial implementation of the "monitor".
2002-06-02 Luke Gorrie <>
* erl/distel.erl: Added rpc_entry(M,F,A) which installs a
group_leader proxy/adapter.
* elisp/net-fsm.el: Sprinkled some more multibyte-avoidance code
around. The default coding-system mangled messages on my laptop,
but with 'no-conversion' it now works.
* elisp/erl.el: Added "real" group_leader support, with a default
group_leader writing output to *erl-output*. The group leader
protocol is not the same as Erlang's (needs to be adapted), and
supports just one message: {put_chars, Chars}.
* elisp/erl-service.el (erl-send-rpc): RPCs now go via
distel:rpc_entry(M,F,A), to setup a group_leader.
(erl-eval-expression): Added - evaluates an erlang expression.
* elisp/derl.el: Giving a specific error when 'dec32' isn't
installed in PATH.
2002-04-24 Luke Gorrie <>
* elisp/erl-service.el (fprof): Added a front-end to the 'fprof'
profiler. Very minimal so far.
2002-04-22 Luke Gorrie <>
* elisp/erl.el (erl-run-process): Uncaught errors in processes
are now caught by the scheduler, which terminates the process and
then continues.
2002-04-21 Luke Gorrie <>
* elisp/*.el: XEmacs compatibility fixes.
2002-04-20 Luke Gorrie <>
* elisp/*.el: Added 'receive' construct, and updated existing
programs to use it.