small demo how to handle locales in date with moment js lib
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momentjs demo to showcase problem with localized names of months and days

All pages use the very same snippet of JavaScript bound to click of a button:

alert(moment("6-25-1995", "MM-DD-YYYY").format('dddd, MMMM Do YYYY, h:mm:ss'));

Which essentially does this :

  • switch momentjs to Slovak locale
  • alert parsed date of 25th of December 1995 to day, month day. year, hours:minutes:seconds

The problem lies in encoding of received .js file and I will elaborate a bit here what we can do about it.

the project structure

This demo consists of following HTML files :

  • index.html - root page with links to each demo page,
  • indexcdn.html - moment js with locale loaded from cdnjs with simple script tag (locale in JS are malformed),
  • indexcdwithcharset.html - the same file, but script tag is enforcing charset to be utf-8 (locale in JS file are all OK),
  • localconvertedfile.html - using local moment-with-locales-with-signature.js that has been converted to UTF8 with BOM (by me in Notepad++),
  • localforcedutf.html - using original moment-with-locales-orig.js but with property charset="utf-8" in script tag,
  • localoriginalfile.html - using original moment-with-locales-orig.js - the very same was as momentjs has in their docs : browser script tag link,
  • remotefile.html - loading hosted momentjs file with Content-Type:application/javascript; charset=utf-8 headers.

and JS files :

making it work

So essentially there are 3 ways how can we make momentjs with locale versions of names work :

  1. use response header Content-Type set to : application/javascript; charset=utf-8 (usually this is just application/javascript),
  2. convert momentjs to UTF8 with BOM,
  3. use original file with content header just set to application/javascript but set charset="utf-8" in script tag.

hosted files

You can also play with this project hosted here :