A the name implies; a Makefile for fetching, building and installing Ada development tools and support packages on a Linux/Unix system.
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Ada development Makefile

This is a primitive automagic wrapper around the tedious and manual process of installing and building Ada tools.

It's created to scratch a local itch within our company - but could perhaps be used elsewhere.

This work is licenced under GPLv2


Not much is needed for using this makefile;

  • make (obviously)
  • git (for AWS and Yolk)
  • subversion (for GNATColl)
  • any dependencies for the subprojects obviously still applies.
  • sudo, gksudo, su if you want to install to a system location


You need to fetch some files from libre.adacore.com/download and place them in ./tgz


  • florist-gpl-2012-src.tgz
  • gnat-gpl-2012-x86_64-pc-linux-gnu-bin.tar.gz
  • xmlada-gpl-4.3-src.tgz

Use $ make ada-development to get stated.

Or check out the first few lines of the makefile for additional projects.

Put this in your .bashrc/.cshrc/.zshrc - or export them ad-hoc for relevant projects.

export PATH=$PATH:/usr/gnat/bin; export LIBRARY_PATH=$LIBRARY_PATH:/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu

You should of course change this to fit your system.

Have fun!