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an html5 app for carpet weaving
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a html5 app for carpet border weaving

###idea image panels in the first row are:

  • palette - drag image to fill it with colors, click to select one
  • tassels - this 1px wide canvas creates tassels of the carpet, put several colors on it and they will be looped
  • outer rim - the outer rim of the carpet, works just like tassels
  • inner rim - and the inner same as well
  • corner - corner canvas is always rectangular and defines border height, when weaving corner image is flipped and flopped
  • border A - canvas with border, it should match corner along both right and bottom edges
  • border B - optional border


  • update - set carpet weaving method, it can be
    • automatic - weaving may take 20-100ms
    • on change - only when change is applied
    • manual - only when render button is pressed (one with flash)
  • border - sets how borders is looped
    • AA - border A canvas is duplicated
    • AB - border A and B are placed one after other
    • ABA - as above but A is always ending the strip
  • duplicate rows - in case border is too short some rows/columns may be duplicated
    • void - first option turns this off
    • border A first column
    • border A last column
    • border B first column
    • border B last column

###keys (image panels):

  • x - swap colors
  • f - flood fill
  • shift - pan the image
  • ctrl - pick a color

###keys (general)

  • ctrl+s - save
  • ctrl+z - undo
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