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Getting Started Deploy Mobile Hybrid App To Apple TestFlight

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##Getting Started Deploy Mobile Hybrid App To Apple TestFlight

Create test app on iTunes connect

  1. Goto iTunesConnect and create app

Add Certificate to your OS X Reference Link

Note * Skip this step if you're already connect your account with xCode

  1. Goto Apple Member Center

  2. Goto Identifiers session choose App IDs and create new

  3. Goto Device session click Development and create new

  4. Goto Provisioning Profiles session and add your device

Connect xCode to iTunes connect

Build iOS via ionic: ionic build ios

Open ionic project with Xcode:

  1. Add apple developer account > Preferences > Accounts tab and add

  2. Goto Xcode tool bar > Product > Analyze.This runs a full check errors on all files

  3. Goto Product > Archive click Submit to App Store, choose your account and submit (make sure your Bundle Identifier same as app that you created)

  4. Check your iTunes Connect and invite user

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