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An open source portfolio tracker, accounting and analytics tool that protects your privacy

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Rotki, The portfolio manager that protects your privacy

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📖 Docs💻 Pro version


Rotki is an open source portfolio tracking, analytics, accounting, and tax reporting tool that protects your privacy. The mission of rotki is to bring transparency into the crypto and financial sectors through the use of open source. Most importantly, unlike virtually every other competing service which consists of closed source SaaS onto which you are forced to hand over all your financial data, with rotki your data is stored encrypted locally in your computer. It enables you to take ownership of your financial data!

The Pro Version of Rotki also supports additional and advanced features. You can find a comprehensive list of them on ☑️ Feature Coverage Page.

Features at a glance

⚖️ Shows overview of your balances across multiple platforms, blockchain, exchanges and protocols.

📈 Graphs analyzing your historical activity and showing insights into your portfolio.

🔬 Decoding EVM (Ethereum, Optimism and more) transactions in human readable format and displaying them.

🗂️ Pull, store and analyze history from activities of all supported platforms. Ability to browse and filter through all of them.

🧰 Higly customizable. UI look, main currency, language, accounting settings, editing balances, editing history. rotki is made with customization in mind.

🧾 Perform accounting analysis for PnL over any period of time using customized accounting settings over all recorded activities and generate PnL report.


  • node
  • npm (Node package manager)
  • python (v3.10)
  • pip (Python package manager)
  • Docker


Rotki currently supports the following operating systems:- Windows, MacOs, Linux.

The installation for rotki can be simply done via two ways:-


Read the documentation for a complete guide, frequently-asked questions, API reference, and more.

Some quick links to useful parts of the documentation follow below for your convenience.

To get started using rotki, check out the detailed usage guide.


Please refer to Releases to see the complete list of changes for each release. For extended release notes, please refer to the Rotki Discuss.


If you are interested in contributing to rotki:

We are thankful for all the contributions and feedback we receive. You can get a contributor badge (a POAP) for each year in which you have ever contributed even a single commit to our codebase. Go claim yours now.

Get in touch

To get in touch with Rotki team for bugs/feature requests, support questions or general discussions, please use:


We are thankful to all the people who have contributed to this project.

GitHub sponsor

You can sponsor us through GitHub, and get recognition as a sponsor in your Github profile.

Thank you for helping to sustain and improve this project!


If you find this project helpful, dont want to purchase a subscription and would like to support its development, you can make a donation using the following cryptocurrency addresses:

  • Send BTC donations to: 1PfvkW8MC7Ns2y8zn6CE2P2t5f19KF8XiW

  • Send ETH donations to: rotki.eth (0x9531c059098e3d194ff87febb587ab07b30b1306)

Your contribution will go directly towards enhancing the project, covering development costs, and supporting ongoing maintenance.

We appreciate every donation, no matter the size. It helps to ensure the project's sustainability and motivates us to continue delivering valuable updates and improvements.

Thank you for considering a donation to support our work!


Distributed under the AGPLv3 License. See for more information