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@LefterisJP LefterisJP released this Jul 23, 2019


This is the first Rotkehlchen version where premium subscriptions are activated and where all major Operating Systems (yes that also means Windows) are supported! This is the Beginning.

A lot of work has gone into this version.

Small sections with summaries of the biggest changes follow below.

Premium Subscriptions

Premium subscriptions are now active. You can buy one if you visit We would really appreciate it if you showed your support for the project by doing so. We accept both Fiat and Crypto payments. With a premium subscription you will get:

  • Synchronization of your data between devices.
  • A lot of statistics, graphs and analytics of your assets and trades inside the app.
  • Better in-github support.
  • [Coming soon] Faster ETH queries using our own server.
  • [Long-term] Access to the android companion app for Rotkehlchen.
  • And a lot more feature that are going to be developed only for premium!

Windows Binaries

Finally this is the first version of Rotkehlchen that can run in Windows! Take that Rotkehlchen out for a flight in your Windows machines ;)

Supported assets and conversions list

With previous rotkehlchen versions, you had an asset in an exchange, or you input it manually and you did not know which one it was. That's because multiple assets have the same symbol and sometimes can have different symbols in different exchanges.

Rotkehlchen v1.0 addresses that by maintaining a list of all supported assets and conversions to/from all exchanges and external services we support.


The app now shows you notifications of errors, warnings or info messages that may be of interest to you. Check the bell icon on the top menu to read them.

Other features and bug fixes

A lot of smaller features and also bug fixes are included. For a full list check the full changelog below.

New Features

  • #332 Add notifications area for actionable warnings/errors.
  • #350 Add support for remote ethereum nodes and not just local ones.
  • #329 Maintain a list of supported assets and converters from/to each exchange or service.
  • #194 Add setting for date display format.
  • #313 Premium feature: The statistic pane now has two different graphs to explore the distribution of value of the user. One shows the distribution of the total net value across different locations and the other across all assets the user holds.
  • #312 Premium feature: The statistic pane now has a graph where users can check how any asset's amount and total usd value progresses over time.
  • #272 Premium feature: Added a statistics pane. Premium users can now see a graph of their net value over time there.
  • #268 Version name is now included in rotkehlchen binaries and other artifacts.
  • #304 Add support for Windows Binaries

Bug Fixes

  • #420 There are no more negative percentages at tax report generation progress
  • #392 Revisiting usersettings properly updates per account tables if an account has been deleted before.
  • #325 Tracking accounts/tokens in user settings will now be immediately reflected on the dashboard.
  • #368 Fixes broken navigation after visiting Statistics page.
  • #361 Rotkehlchen no longer misses the last trade when processing history inside a timerange.
  • #349 Copy paste should now work on OSX.
  • #334 Handle too many requests error for the exchangerates api.
  • #323 Properly display usd value For JPY and some other assets in kraken where XXBT is the quote asset.
  • #320 The user settings pane is now always responsive, even when loaded a second time.
  • #314 Exchangerates api is now queried with priority and as such there are no more delays at the startup of the application due to unresponsive FOREX api calls.
  • #299 IOTA historical price queries now work properly.
  • #288 After a user re-login querying fiat prices will no longer throw exceptions.
  • #273 Fallback to fetching NANO Price using XRB (Raiblocks) symbol before the rebranding.
  • #283 OTC Trades table is now properly rendered again
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