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@LefterisJP LefterisJP released this Aug 2, 2019


This is mostly a bug fixing release on top of v1.0.0 containing all bugs fixed in the last week, and some small additions to make usage of the app easier. Upgrading is recommended. Binaries available for:

New Features

  • #428 Handle unexpected data from external sources gracefully and dont crash.
  • #425 Users can now provide arguments to the backend via a config file. For more information check the docs.

Bug Fixes

  • #76 Handle poloniex queries returning null for the fee field.
  • #432 If historical price for a trade is not found, then gracefully skip the trade. Also handle a cryptocompare query edge case.
  • #429 If 429-TOO-MANY-REQUESTS is returned by handle it properly and backoff for the required amount of time until trying again.

Newly supported tokens

Added support for the following tokens

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