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Rotki v1.4.0 - Axilla
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@LefterisJP LefterisJP released this


This is a big major release containing 147 commits from 5 different developers and what we have worked on the last month.

Big thanks to @kelsos, @isidorosp, @charlieknoll, @coinyon

It contains two new major features outlined below.


Rotki can now integrate with the Gemini exchange! To do that simply login to your Gemini account, create an API key with audit permissions, and then input that key in Rotki.

Your balances will automatically be pulled and all trades and deposits/withdrawals will be taken into account in your next tax report.

Manually tracked balances

Users can now manually add balances of any asset in any location for accounts and assets that Rotki can't automatically detect yet.

Examples are exchanges that are not yet supported, blockchains that are not supported or generally any asset that is not yet available for automatic tracking in Rotki. An example can be seen in the screenshot below.


For more information check the documentation

Thanks to @kilrau for pointing out the necessity of this feature.

Additionally a lot of bugs have been fixed and some more features have been added. Check the full list below for details


Upgrade is highly recommended. Binaries available for:

New Features

  • #807 Enables the addition and querying of manually tracked balances.
  • #869 The application menu now has some customized menu items. Users can now access the Usage Guide, FAQ, Issues & Feature Requests, and Logs Directory from within the Help menu. Additionally, there is a Get Rotki Premium menu item for easy access to the premium subscription purchase page. Finally, both backend and frontend logs (rotkehlchen.log and rotki-electron.log respectively) are now found in these standard locations per OS:
    • Linux: ~/.config/rotki/logs
    • OSX: ~/Library/Application Support/rotki/logs
    • Windows: <WindowsDrive>:\Users\<User>\Roaming\rotki\logs\
  • #862 Added a new API endpoint /api/1/ping as quick way to query API status for client/frontend initialization.
  • #860 Added a new API endpoint /api/1/assets/all to query information about all supported assets.
  • #764 Gemini exchange is now supported. Trades, deposits, withdrawals and balances from that exchange can now be queried.
  • Add support for the South African Rand (ZAR - R) as a fiat currency

Bug Fixes

  • #874 Fixed a bug where if invalid credentials were given to setup an exchange a 500 error was returned. The error is now handled gracefully.
  • #852 PUT or DELETE on /api/1/blockchains/eth without etherscan keys configured no longer results in 500 internal server error.
  • #848 Querying /api/1/balances/blockchains/btc with no BTC accounts tracked no longer results in a 500 Internal server error.
  • #837 If connected to an ethereum node, the connection status indicator should now properly show that to the user.
  • #830 If using alethio detecting tokens from an address that contains more than 10 tokens should now work properly
  • #805 Rotki can now accept passwords containing the " character

Newly supported tokens

Added support for the following tokens: