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Rotki v1.4.1 - Axillaries

@LefterisJP LefterisJP released this
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This is a small patch release containing 48 commits from 3 different developers. Thanks to @kelsos and @isidorosp.

Though it's small it packs quite a punch! It adds support for all compound tokens. If you are using compound and have any cTokens in your portfolio they will now be detected by Rotki and their current and historical values will be detected.

The release also introduces some some nice UI changes in the API keys section, adding more explanation on what each external service can do and also grouping related API keys together.

Finally a few nasty bugs seen by v1.4.0 users have been fixed. Check the full list below for details.

Important info for Kraken Users

Some important information for Kraken users. Some users who use Kraken through Rotki reported getting long API bans and thus not being able to use Kraken properly. Kraken has introduced different API limits depending on your account type and Rotki in previous versions may have queried Kraken too fast for the lower account tiers.

This release takes the account tier into consideration and respects the query limits set in the Kraken api docs. All kraken accounts are assumed to be starter accounts.

But you can now go to the Kraken API settings (see screenshot below) and specify the type of your kraken account.


Please do it as soon as you download this release if you are a kraken user so that you can take advantage of the query speeds guaranteed by your account type. Unfortunately at the moment Kraken does not allow auto-detection of account type programmatically.


Upgrade is highly recommended. Binaries available for:

New Features

  • #838 Added additional information about API Keys that can be set up by the user and grouped the API connections page into 3 categories: Rotki Premium / Exchanges / External Services.

Bug Fixes

  • Improve internal DSR mechanics so that even with hardly anyone using the DSR as of this release, Rotki can still find DSR chi values to provide historical reports of DSR profit.
  • #904 For Kraken users take into account the worst-case API call counter and make sure the maximum calls are not reached to avoid prolonged API bans.
  • #895 Fixes manually tracked balances value column header not updating properly.
  • #899 If a user's ethereum account held both old and new REP the new REP's account balance should now be properly automatically detected.
  • #896 If the current price of an asset of a manually tracked balance can not be found, a value of zero is returned instead of breaking all manually tracked balances.

Newly supported tokens

Added support for the following tokens: