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Rotki v1.4.2 - Bird's back

@LefterisJP LefterisJP released this
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This is a patch release containing 50 commits from 3 different developers. Thank you @kelsos and @isidorosp for your contributions.

Though it's small it's absolutely essential. The most important contribution of this release is that it 🚀 greatly speeds up blockchain queries 🚀 . Regardless if you are using your own node, or etherscan or have bitcoin accounts, querying information from the chain should be faster from here and on.

This release also adds a few small features mainly around the app's UI. Finally a few nasty bugs seen by users since v1.4.1 have been fixed. Check the full list below for details.


Upgrade is highly recommended. Binaries available for:

New Features

  • #922 Speed up ethereum chain balance queries by utilizing the eth-scan contract to batch multiple ether and token balance queries into a single call.
  • #908 Adds the ability to view the full amount on tables when hovering over a hint (asterisk) indicating that the display number has been rounded.
  • #912 Adds total net value to the dashboard, fiat, and manual balances table. Makes account balance totals to reflect the filtered results.

Bug Fixes

  • #927 Rotki should no longer fail to handle HTTP Rate limiting if your web3 providing node rate limits you.
  • #950 If too many BTC accounts are used Rotki will no longer delay for a long time due to balance query rate limiting. Proper batching of queries to both and blockcypher is now happening.
  • #942 Properly save all historical balances to the DB when a user has input manually tracked balances.
  • #946 Handle the malformed response by kraken that is sent if a Kraken user has no balances.
  • #943 If Kraken sends a malformed response Rotki no longer raises a 500 Internal server error. Also if such an error is thrown during setup of any exchange and a stale object is left in the Rotki state, trying to setup the exchange again should now work and no longer give an error that the exchange is already registered.
  • #930 Etherscan API keys are now properly included in all etherscan api queries. Also etherscan API key is no longer compulsory.
  • #928 Action buttons in overlays ('Sign In', 'Create', etc.) are now never hidden by the privacy dialog regardless of resolution, app scaling, or zoom.
  • #924 LINK is now properly supported for Gemini balance and trade queries.

Newly supported tokens

Added support for the following tokens: