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Changes reflect minor edits from first round of great tests and flights (almost 100 flights!) and minor alignment fix when the files were sent to production.

In keeping with a Honeymooner's idea we will call this release Jackie Gleason's Fist. Despite any modern day cries of domestic violence, anyone who watched the show knows that Alice had that marriage in lockdown. Ralph was a man of the times and generally hyperbolic in his presentation.

The "fist" as referenced is very much threatening but in reality not very dangerous in the context of theHoneymooner story. Ralph as a blowhard and this frame share positive qualities with of blowhard-ness. The Moonshot 151 looks like a full size drone in many ways but is actually quite non-threatening.

The testing unit can be seen here in flight/testing:

Moonshot Testing

This release is labeled as:

  • -test as we will perform final physical testing and assembly to confirm the release.
  • 1.1.0 as we consider version 1.0.0 to be the current "in testing unit" and the changes are minor enhancements and clean up lending to a bump on the minor

Once tested we will edit or re-tag as -production