Django web app development on the JVM made easy
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Django web app development on the JVM made easy


Java 1.7, Jython 2.7 and Django 1.4


  1. Auto reloading of your django app

    Useful in development mode. Django-jy monitors your Django project source directories for change and cleanly reloads the app within your Servlet container. You no longer need to restart your your servlet container to view the last changes.

    This feature is also useful for apps in production. You can provide patches to your deployed source files, and have them reloaded without the need to restart the Servlet container or application server.

  2. High performance JDBC aware django-db backends

    DB backends available for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle with support for JDBC connection pooling, resulting in highly concurrent access and fast query executions.

  3. Task scheduling for django apps

    Task scheduling within deployed django apps, with a syntax similar to django-celery, but powered under the hood by the proven Quartz scheduling framework.

  4. Utilities

    Jar template loader: hooks into django, and loads templates available within your django applications shipped in jar file format.

  5. More to come

    This is an early stage project. More is still to come: persistent Quartz jobs, a django app for job administration (restarting failed jobs, changing job schedules, etc.)

    Ideas an contributions are welcome.